Exciting Jobs in CyberSecurity

One industry that is seeing a surge in recent years – both in jobs and the number of young people flocking towards employment – is cybersecurity.

Working in cybersecurity is a rewarding career path for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s a very exciting and rewarding career path where there is never a dull moment. In our “always online” world, it is more important than ever to protect your business from cyber attacks, hackers, phishing, fraud and so much more. We live in unprecedented times where cyber attacks can literally devastate a business. Even small companies are seeing things like their domain names get stolen and resold out from under them, online fraud/theft to the tune of thousands of dollars, identity theft, viruses and malware, data theft and doxxing/leaking, online harassment and stalking, phishing, and so much more. These are very serious issues which are why more and more companies are stepping up their cybersecurity game. That’s where you and your new job comes in. 

A cybersecurity person is basically the point guard for a company’s data. They act as a safety net to prevent those who wish to do harm to a company by stealing or compromising their data. Their duties can include (but are not limited to) creating and installing safety measures such as antivirus and security software, encrypting sensitive data, installing firewalls, interpreting attempts, and researching/staying up to date on the various types of cyber crime. Cybersecurity teams are adept at staying ahead of the game and intercepting any threats to a company or individual. You’ll stop them right in their tracks. 

Cybersecurity is a highly sought after field, with every single industry, whether it’s healthcare, education, law enforcement or some other industry, seeking highly trained and talented individuals to help them protect their data. Cybersecurity is big business. Which means that these positions are very well paid and offer great benefits, job security and ability to work from pretty much any location. This makes it an extremely lucrative career to get into, and that’s saying nothing of how fun and rewarding it is. The average cybersecurity professional earns just under $98,000 a year – and that’s the average. Many in the industry earn well over $150k a year, and even the lower-paid employees make over $50,000 a year. And you’ll love your job, knowing that you’re helping your company safeguard themselves against hackers, phishers and those who mean to steal their data. Cybercrimes rob businesses of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – but you can help stop them. 

So how do you get into the field? Most people are able to become a cyber security analyst by completing a degree in cybersecurity or another related business field. Many of these courses can be completed online through accredited universities and only take a few short years of training. So if you’re interested in a career as a cybersecurity analyst, look into obtaining your online degree today and start an exciting and lucrative new dream job. 


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