Everyone, go see Odysseo by Cavalia immediately

If you haven’t gone to see Odysseo, the stunning theatrical show by Cavalia, then you need to reevaluate your life choices.

Odysseo is produced by Cavalia Inc. with an aim to reimagine the equestrian and theatrical arts. The company was founded by Normand Latourelle and is headquartered in Montreal.  Cavalia Inc. is the largest Canadian-owned cultural enterprise, and it shows in the massive production that is Odysseo.

Odysseo is one of the most inventive, innovative and technically complex theatrical productions in the world. The show takes place in a 38 metre high white big top tent that’s the size of a CFL football field. The stage is bigger than a hockey rink, and the backstage area is big enough for more than 30 horses to play in at any given time. Four other tents house the rest of the production. There’s a VIP area for dining and lounging, a kitchen tent where over 300 meals are prepared daily, a stable complete with showers, a tack shop and a blacksmith area, and a rehearsal area where artists, dancers and trainers work with the show’s stars. That’s right, the big stars of Odysseo are the 65 stunning horses that make this production completely unforgettable.

The show has been touring since 2011, traveling across Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and now as far as China.  Odysseo is a hit everywhere it goes; people love it. And at its core is one very important, very powerful, and time honored relationship: the relationship between humans and horses.

As someone who grew up loving horses and riding, I was immediately fascinated by Cavalia. I’ve had the pleasure of going to see this show multiple times, and each time I’m fascinated by the close bond between the artists and horses.  I also got the chance to visit the Odysseo stables before the opening of the show, and I was thrilled to see how well the horses are treated. These guys have their own spa team, hairstylists, personal trainers, chefs, and more; treatment that most hollywood starlets would lust after. And it’s clear that this amazing treatment, as well as how closely they work with their human costars, is the why and how behind the beautiful performances that these beautiful creatures put on night after night.

It’s truly a sight to behold. From the liberty sequences, where the horses run, dance and even pose following signals and verbal commands, to the acrobatic performances where riders flip, jump and even dive underneath their galloping steeds, to the slow yet staggering parades of these majestic beasts that open and close the show, Odysseo is truly a magical experience. The show also goes beyond the equestrian aspect. Odysseo also features incredible African inspired dancers, aerial silk and hoop artists, and even singers and musicians to showcase the amazing talents of humans, as well as horses, in their production. Topped off with Cavalia’s incredible technical expertise, the audience is taken on a mesmerizing journey that boggles the mind, and feeds the soul at the same time.

Check out photos from the show and you’ll get a small taste of what I mean:

The folks at Cavalia are as savvy as they are talented. They’ve seen how much we love Odysseo and are adding two more weeks of Odysseo action before they REALLY REALLY have to go this time. The new end date of the show’s run is August 13th.  You can get your tickets here.

For those of us in the GTA, Cavalia wants to make it easy for your to come enjoy Odysseo with all your friends and family.  Head over to this link to take advantage of their buy five, get five free ticket deal.

So if you take nothing away from this article, at least go check out the incredible, Canadian made production that is Odysseo by Cavalia. You’ll love it, I promise.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly