Escape to South Padre for the beaches, the food, and so much more!

Nestled on the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico is a little island known as South Padre. It’s about 370 miles south of Houston and while in the past may have been known as a college party spot, has grown into so much more.

From food to adventure, shopping to local culture, this spicy little island really is the shining star of the Texas coastline, and while there are so many reasons, I thought I would highlight the standout moments that will probably make you want to experience the warm welcome of South Padre Island for yourself.

Here’s what I suggest you do when you visit and stay in South Padre.


Adventure Around the Island

SP really does offer endless opportunities to get out, experience the beaches, dunes, wildlife and nature. From stunning sunrises to epic sunsets, the 360 views the island offers really does provide for amazing views along with new adventure at every turn.


Build Amazing Sandcastles

Don’t we all dream of being on the beach and building sandcastles? Well, we had the true pleasure to meet Andy who not only entertained us with his great wit, we also gave us the most eye-opening lesson in building truly epic sandcastles, and that we did! I would strongly suggest everyone spend a morning with Andy, he was a gem and builds the most breathtaking works of art.


Enjoy Fantastic Cocktails

My favourite drinks through the trip came from our visit to F&B SPI. It’s not often you find a place that makes top-notch cocktails in a good size city let alone what pretty much is a small town. That’s half what made it so special, out of nowhere came some of my fave cocktails of the summer!

From sweet and sunny to dark and delicious, their cocktail collection offers something for every drink lover alike.


Try Innovative and Delicious Dinners

Not only did F&B SPI steal my boozy heart, but they also stole my stomach. The dishes right across the board were well thought out, innovative, yet never pretentious and always absolutely delicious. It was truly a special evening and an amazing dinner.

From mouth-watering scallops to truly delicious beef tartare, the entire menu was truly exceptional.


Chow Down on Island Staples

It wasn’t just F&B that offered up great eats, it seemed there was great food at every turn. From the tasty lunch from the Painted Marlin Grille (featured above) right through my entire visit, I had so much wonderful, fresh and vibrant food.


Meet, Greet and Learn How to Treat the Turtles

If you want your fill of creature cuteness then you have to pay a visit to Sea Turtle Inc. At Sea Turtle Inc., the mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles for release back into the wild, educate the public, and assist with conservation efforts for all marine turtle species.

Sea Turtle, Inc. was founded in 1977 and as we found today, is flourishing and expanding. It was really interesting and touching to visit with these amazing creatures and this fantastic initiative and their home base.


Spend Some Time on or by the Water

Since your on an island, you must get in the water, get on the water, and make the most of this beautiful little island. From night cruises to day adventures on the water, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, the island life really does offer so much to see and do as you experience it all in slow island stride.


Kick Back and Relax!

So what was the best part of it all? Well, it’s hard not to feel completely relaxed. Between the amazing location, food, warm climate and people, the spicy food and zesty Mexican influence, this little island really is the gem of the Texas coastline.





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