Escape the city and visit Willibald Farm Distillery’s Summer Sessions


The best thing about summer is getting out of the city on the weekend to spend some time in the sun with good company. If this sounds like your ideal weekend, then you absolutely need to put Willibald Farm Distillery on your summer road-trip bucket list.

Located just an hour outside of the Toronto in a little farm town called Ayr, Willibald Farm Distillery is a small independent distillery owned and operated by three guys who have poured their hearts (no pun intended) into making the best tasting spirits. Their delicious barrel-aged gin is made from 100% Ontario ingredients and is a treat for any palette, whether you’re a gin enthusiast or someone just looking for an incredible drink.

This summer, Willibald is hosting three Summer Session events that will be jam packed with exclusive Willibald cocktails, music, and fresh wood fired pizzas made onsite. Grab your tickets for one of three dates: July 7, August 11, or September 8.

The Summer Sessions are a ton of fun. Last year, each day was full of friendly faces all enjoying the Willibald cocktails on the picturesque farm. And yes, you will definitely get the ideal Instagram photo if that’s your thing — the Willibald Farm Distrillery is stunning and it’s the perfect setting for hanging out with a group of friends.

This year, try one of the Kegged Gin & Tonic’s made with locally sourced tonic syrup, or cool off with a Willibald Mule slushie made with gin, lemon, ginger & cubeb brown sugar syrup and ginger beer. Can we have two of each, please?

For those who like to dance, or just sway in the sun, live music will be performed by DRFTR, Exclusive Vibez, and Eric Bolton.

Seriously – grab your tickets to a Willibald Summer Session and take a drive out to the stunning Willibald Farm Distillery. It’s the perfect escape from the daily buzz of the city, and when there’s cocktails involved, you really can’t say no.