Enhancing Home Comfort By Bringing Nature In

As the COVID19 outbreak impacts many regions, many individuals are confronted with isolation. Unfortunately, even those who are devoted to lockdown and self-quarantine recommendations and laws are experiencing the devastating effects of isolation. As a result, many are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other emotional tolls. While a fraction of this is the direct result of the concerning virus, it is also the effects of merely missing the outside world. Luckily, you can effectively enhance your comfort at home and enjoy elements of the outdoors by bringing nature in. Nature lovers often applaud the positive influence of nature for its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Incorporating The Elements Of Nature

You don’t have to start transforming your home into an indoor jungle simply to reap the rewarding benefits of being in nature as you can start small and maintain the appeal of your current home design. By incorporating elements of nature, you can simply include a few leafy green indoor plants, ensure sunlight can warm each room in your home and consider methods of installing the sounds of flowing water. Therefore, you can bring nature indoors with a fountain that will illuminate beauty while providing the soothing sounds of running water. 


Textures And Colours

If you aren’t planning on filling your home with ample plants and flowers, you can also consider using natural colours to enhance the natural aroma in your home. Therefore, you should consider incorporating colours and textures that are complimentary to nature, such as browns and greens. You can also combine the use of leafy patterns and other patterns that boast natural charm. 


Cleaner Air

Most of us simply assume the quality of the air we breath is just fine. However, being inside means your air quality is likely not ideal, which is why you should consider methods of ensuring the air in your home is ideally clean. You may not have to invest in a home air conditioning unit that can be quite pricey as smaller, portable air purifying units are often sufficient. In addition to this, you could also consider instilling natural scents in your home with the use of scented candles, incents burners, and even scented oils. Opting for fragrances such as lavender or a seaside breeze will help induce calm and relaxation.


Natural Decor From Your Yard

Natural decor items, such as a vase filled with polished pebbles, or a varnished display branch from a tree are often far more affordable than luxury decor items. However, the natural appeal of bringing in decor items found and refined from your yard, or a local craft shop, will ensure your home showcases natural elements rather than polished modern decor that can feel somewhat overpowering. Your home should be a place where you can unwind and relax, and if you are stuck at home for excessively long periods, it would be wise to transform your home into a place that boats elements of nature.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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