The 12 Days of Giveaways – Day 5 – Get the perfect sleep with ENDY

Over the last year, I’ve had the chance to get to know ENDY pretty well, and the two things I know for sure are it’s a fun company and their mattress, pillow and sheets make for the most dreamy sleep.

Just over a year ago I was given the pillows and the sheets to test and a set to give away via ADDICTED. I loved them, and after a couple weeks of sleeping on them, I decided that it was time to change it up and get a new bed; and that’s when I partnered with ENDY.

I had a gorgeous California king bed delivered along with King pillows and sheets, and I must say, ever since I have had the best-continued sleep of my adult life.

The bed is so comfy, and as you lay down cushy, but then it catches you so you don’t sink in too far, just enough to make sure you’re comfy, but also provide enough support.

The sheets are well made and sturdy, while still being super cool and comfy to the touch.

The pillows are not only a dream but also another stroke of genius: you can take out the inner pillow, and if you want your pillow thinner you can take out some of the fillings. Even smarter, you can take that filling and put it in the travel pillowcase ENDY provides you with. I have a bunch of travel pillows now, as I like my pillows thin. Either way, you’ll find your perfect pillow size and feel.



So, this holiday season, I wanted to pass along that same great sleep quality to one of you our readers. Enter to win 2 standard ENDY Pillows and a set of sheets in your size.


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For contest rules and regulations please see the contest page.


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  1. Mona Q

    Bought a house recently and am still looking for those perfect pillows and sheets for our bedroom! Would love to win these to complete my master suite!

  2. hsibley

    I’d like to win because I desperately need new pillows. I recently bought some and they are terrible! I need some comfort!

  3. Helene Keuker

    All these years and I’ve never found the perfect pillows. I love that they are adjustable as I like mine thinner and my hubby likes it much more pillowy

  4. Donnas

    I don’t like the pillows I have at home. Even though I do regularly replace my pillows, I find that in no time, they get flat.

  5. Diane To

    My mattress is super old and makes my back hurt. This Endy one would be amazing! I heard great things about it.

  6. Alison Braidwood

    I’d love to win because I’m a pillow fusspot and love that you can modify how thick/thin these are.

  7. Louise Smith

    I would love to win to give these to my husband whom is not beening sleeping great lately and so this is on his wishlist.

  8. Toby

    Hubby and I would love to have a great pillow for a better night sleep. Definitely could use a better support.

  9. Rachel

    My pillow is old and I have wanted to try an Endy pillow ever since I heard about what a great company they are

  10. Chris MacDonald

    I would love to win because I do have trouble sleeping and Endy has great products that could help me!

  11. Eileen

    I’d love to win new pillows because mine don’t support my neck properly & I keep waking up with a stiff neck!

  12. David Smith

    I would love to win this because I have a lower quailty pillow and I’m in desperate need of a good night sleep.

  13. michelle tremblett

    Its been quite awhile since Ive bought new bedding or pillows, this would be amazing to win, I’d get a good nights sleep 🙂

  14. Angela MacRae

    I would love a pillow that stands the test fo time, this sounds as comfortable as heck 🙂 lol I would love it 🙂

  15. Holly Daniels

    I’m in need of a good pillow that won’t cause neck pain when I wake up. This would be great to win!

  16. Catherine Robichaud

    I have a hard time finding a pillow that doesn’t leave me with a sore neck when I wake up so I would love to give these a try.

  17. Nolan S

    I would love to win this because I’ve never had a really good pillow and this would help me sleep better.

  18. Brian Hwang

    My current mattress smells like pee…downside of co-sleeping with kids. It’d be nice to replace that!

  19. Cathy Balogh

    It was time to replace our wonderful pillows last year and I just can’t find anything I like as much.

  20. Erika R.

    I’d like to win because we could really use some new pillows & bedding!! Thanks for the generous contest & chance to win.

  21. Alayne Langford

    I am an insomniac and I think I have been looking for the perfect pillows for most of my life. Heck, I would LOVE to give these pillows and sheets a go! Thanks for the chance! @AlayneLangford

  22. AD

    I have been suffering from neck pain and interrupted sleep; I suspect its due to my pillows, so I would love some new Endy pillows to try. Thank you!

  23. Gayle bellemare

    I have struggled to find the perfect pillow, one soft enough but supportive enough to ensure comfort & support. I am still looking.

  24. Andy d

    I have really old pillows and never seem to get a good sleep anymore so I think these Endy pillows would help!

  25. Calvin Y

    Nothing beats a good night’s sleep! I have trouble sleeping bit comfortable sheets would probably help. After the holidays are over I will need lots of sleep. Might as well make it fantastic!

  26. Linda Bragg

    I never seem to get pillows that suit my husband and I… He’s telling me to go buy new ones!! These pillows sound amazing!! And I know if you like them, I am sure my husband and I will too. I am in awe as to how you can make these less thick by taking out part of the inside!! wow cool is that!! We NEED these!! and the sheet sets sound fantastic too!!

  27. Anne Taylor

    My husband and I cherish our sleep as we look after our 3yr old grandson! These would surely help us get more rest!

  28. Andrea B.

    I would love to win because I have a garbage pillow that really needs to be thrown out. My neck and back would be thankful.

  29. Maritess S

    I would love to win because sleep in very important to me. I get cranky when I don’t get a a good one . Thanks for the chance.

  30. Amy Elizabeth Stackhouse

    I’ve heard really great things about Endy and my mattress is nearing the end of its life. Plus, I’ve never really been happy with most pillows I’ve tried.

  31. Jennifer (@JusticeSadie) Conlin

    I would love this to help me get a more comfortable sleep. My neck is always cramped. Thanks for the chance,

  32. Michelle Policelli

    I’d love to win because i’ve been hearing alot of great things about Endy and i really do want to try their pillows! my pillow is literally flat like a pancake and i’ve only had it for 7 months!

  33. Lori L

    I don’t even want to tell you how old my pillow is! It was very expensive and SOOOOO comfy, but I need an update! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Sarah Letendre

    Id like to win because I don’t sleep well and I think that maybe some new pillows might help me sleep more soundly

  35. Jonnie

    I would love to win this because I have trouble finding comfy pillows. I have never tried this brand before.

  36. Caroline

    I would love to win so I can start the new year with a fresh pillow that will provide me with the support and comfort I need for a good night’s sleep.

  37. Valerie Mallette

    I’d like to win because I’ve heard great things about ENDY. I’d also love to replace my current pillow, and new sheets are always awesome.

  38. Because new pillows are the best pillows. Plus, apparently you are supposed to get new pillows every 6 months! Who does that? Mine are several years old!

  39. djak1972

    I have tried so many pillows and still cant sleep properly .. not comfortable or not to my liking .. been eyeing this pillow for a while .. fingers crossed to finally get a good night sleep wooohooo