Encircled by inspiration: LG’s 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD monitor

Every now and again a new piece of technology comes out that changes the way we work, live and play. After watching the new video from LG featuring the new Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor you may just be thinking that this may change things forever.

From graphic designers, media composers, photographers, and video editors it seems that everyone who has tried the new LG monitor is loving it.

From the clip above it’s clear that for film makers and editors, this monitor brings a new world of possibilities. But that’s not where it ends; with a wide screen that now stretches the field of view to 178 degree and a crisp clear output you can view video clips stretched to both ends of the screen space. With its immersive feel the curve makes you able to easily edit, view and review your work while IPS panel prevents possible colour shift, which often occurs on the corners of VA panel.

For graphic designers and photographers the QHD resolution of 3440×1440 creates a dense crisp display environment to allow you to view many more thumbnail images while working on selected images in Photoshop at the same time. And with the added feature of the “curve” it makes both subtle and big differences as you no longer have to carefully drag and drop the image from one monitor to the other, and the visual comfort that is offered to the user in the high resolution, high quality along with the curved screen makes for a perfect platform for both to edit the best photos and design the most intricate graphics.

For someone making music, which is something I know all about, the monitor boasts two HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Displayport, it even has USB UP for you to hook up audio card directly to the monitor. Being able to bring up a full screen of all mixers of a screen that is easy to view, that mixed with the adaptability and functionality makes this the composers dream machine.

So maybe it’s time to try out something new, that could change the way you see and do your work forever, maybe it’s time to be Encircled by inspiration.



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