Eclectic Comfort Food Served Up at Somerville’s La Brasa

Push through La Brasa’s big wooden door and immediately the warm aroma from the wood-burning oven lures you in further. Turn a short corner and you begin nodding your head in approval. It’s big, bright and airy with a cool wooden tables topped with faux wild flowers, metal chairs tucked in, and a long bar and countertop running the length with funky stools. It’s hipster without pretension.

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts

La Brasa opened its formidable door in the Spring of 2014 in Somerville Massachusetts. Helmed by Chef Daniel Bojorquez and Chef Frank McClelland, the atmosphere is casual and friendly (like the service) and the menu consists of eclectic comfort food.

Brought to La Brasa for brunch by the recommendation of a local Somervillian, it seems this spot is destined to go beyond local and lure in foodies galore. Luckily the group brunching together were very keen to share the delicious treats on their plates (it made the prospect of choosing just one item to order much easier). I enjoyed everything my fork touched, loved the atmosphere and decor, and the service was super friendly. Will certainly revisit next time I’m in town!

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts french toast

Brioche French Toast with Ricotta and Bourbon-Vanilla Oranges

The bread was the perfect amount of fluffy and tasted just the right amount of sweet. Heaven in your mouth.

 la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts brisket

Barbecued Beef Brisket with Charred Green Tomatillo Barbeque Sauce

So tender the brisket broke apart easily (but not messily) and seemed to melt as you chewed. The tomatillo sauce had a hint of a bite and complimented the meat deliciously.

 la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts lobster

Half Lobster with Herb Butter

A lobster is already a good base, and eating one in New England is a safe bet, but it’s how you dress it up that brings it to the next level. Drenched in a buttery herb sauce, each bite of rich with flavour. I had some technical issues getting into the claw to literally claw out every last bit of flesh, but that just made the tough to get bites more satisfying (and ensured I didn’t simply inhale it all).

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts affogato


For dessert the affogato – espresso poured over homemade ice cream that contained notes of cardamom – was a favourited treat. The combination of hot and cold was delightful and every drank up every last drop.

     la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts cheesecake

Triple Cheese Cheesecake

The uncooked three cheese cheesecake was topped with cut fruit and candied flowers. With cheesecake I find the texture can be a make or break component, and this was smooth and thick. And yes, it tasted just as good as it looks!

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts

The Market

But the food being cooked up and served wasn’t all. Back behind the seating area lies a little market that features local produce, cheeses, honey, chocolate, etc. Everything looked fresh and artisanal, the conveniently perfect place to pop in for that finishing touch to your meal.

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts

la brasa restaurant somerville massachusetts

Yes, that is dark chocolate with bacon! Yum!

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