Eat Well, Sweat More, Stress Less – A Simple Recipe for a Healthy Life

There is a reason that some people live much longer than others. There are a lot of reasons, actually, and while some of them have to do with simple luck, a lot of it comes down to the way people choose to live healthy, avoid dangerous or toxic elements in their life and make choices that give them greater vitality and longevity.

Ask any doctor what the key to a long life is and you will hear some variation on “eat right, exercise more and don’t stress out”. These are things that we can all do, but we may not understand how to go about them. Here are a few simple changes most anyone can make for a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.


Avoid Negativity

A lot of us just soak up so much negativity from the social media, news and even our friends on a daily basis. We think we have to absorb all this information around us to stay connected, but that can actually be harmful to our health. Surrounding yourself with negativity regularly affects our brain and our mental health. It hampers our ability to do some simple tasks and to work effectively. If we allow ourselves to soak up unpleasant, violent, toxic thoughts, actions and words, then we contribute to our own mental decline and personal stress levels. It is better to simply find time away from all of these negative influences and try to look for the positive each day.


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Limit Processed Foods

There is some harm in trying to stick to a restricted diet. It is not only difficult, but those who struggle with diets can often fall deeper into poor eating habits when they give up on dieting. It’s also stressful to try to watch a lot of what you eat, counting calories and be mindful of all the foods you are putting into your body. What may work better is to simply live by a broad set of healthy eating rules. 

One of the simplest and easiest to follow is to eat natural, unprocessed foods as much as possible. This doesn’t mean you are looking at every label and overanalyzing everything you eat. It simply means you are trying to avoid processed foods when possible, but you don’t absolutely cut them out of your diet. This change can benefit your entire body, giving you healthier skin, less fat, more energy and shinier hair, among other things. Such a profound change is bound to affect how long you live.


Jog when You Can

Getting exercise on a regimen can be tough for some people. If you don’t get that exercise in, then you feel like a failure, and that can negatively affect your stress levels. It may help to just tell yourself that you will exercise when you can and then pick a simple exercise that you can do almost anytime, like jogging. 

Jogging is a great choice since it can be done any time of year, without much in the way of gear and without any real prep time needed or forethought. It can help to have proper running gear, of course, and you may want to use a resource like Jogging Addiction to find suitable running equipment. All things considered, this is definitely less stressful exercise than many other physical activities, as you mostly just need to find clothes that are comfortable to get the most from it. You don’t need a gym, any kind of membership or expensive equipment to be able to jog effectively and comfortably. 

The more you sweat, the stronger your heart will become, which means you are less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or other cardiac problems. You also detoxify your body when you work out, which prevents diseases and infections from affecting you negatively.


Find a New Hobby

If you feel like you spend too much time thinking about your health or worrying about factors in your life that you cannot change, then you may need to find something healthy to occupy your time. Taking up a new hobby can be rewarding and diverting. It can give you a sense of purpose for your downtime and keep you away from negative influences. It can also help you to get eating habits under control, as you may be less likely to binge eat snacks if you have a hobby to occupy you. 

You could take up an outdoor hobby like horse riding, a sport or nature walks. Or you could start a hobby that you can enjoy at any time, such as collecting stamps, cards, thimbles, etc. Your hobby could be something more intensive like making crafts, scrapbooking or sewing. You may want to try out a few different things before you find something that sticks, but it might surprise you at how rewarding and healthy a new hobby can be and how it makes your life so much more enjoyable. 


There are so many ways that you can live a healthier and experience less stress, and what we have offered here are just a few suggestions. Do some research and come up with some of your own and find what works for you to be able to live a better, longer life. 

My name is Sofia Alves and I’m a health promoter, in love with fitness, at-home healthy meal prep and achieving the body-mind connection through keeping both of those in shape. Guided by the belief that health is a choice, I recently started sharing what I know as a contributing writer at and now, here at ADDICTED.