Dream Job Diary: Medium Michelle Armstrong

For this edition of dream job diary, we chat with an honest to goodness PSYCHIC! Meet Michelle Armstrong.

As far as job go, Michelle Armstrong definitely wins serious cool points. She’s an internationally recognized psychic medium. She’s also a best selling author, a soul coach, and an extremely sought after intuitive messenger.

Michelle was born with a heightened psychic awareness and intuition. Her abilities grew stronger as she grew older, and hit a turning point in 2014. It was at that point that she found herself channeling the souls of departed loved ones. She also received a message from a spirit, telling her that her gift was still growing, and would magnify the skills she was already starting to develop.

Michelle began her career as a counselor, specializing in communications, psychology, health, fitness and energy healing.  With her inborn intuition, Michelle’s transition from traditional counselor to psychic specialist was a natural one. Her  two decade spanning career has seen Michelle perform thousands of readings for people around the world. She has worked with athletes, celebrities, executives, musicians and more.

Michelle’s psychic offering is a diverse one. Her sessions include divine guidance readings, mediumship readings, house readings, pet readings, individual soul session, private soul coaching, group readings, and energy balancing and healing. Michelle also hosts Soul Talk, a live event that helps attendees learn how to lift their spirits and empower themselves to live their best life.

Michelle’s goal is to use her gifts to enrich the lives of others, and to bring more love, light and healing into our world.

How does one become a professional psychic, you may ask? Well, we chatted with Michelle to find out just that. Take a read below.

How did you get into your current line or work?


My journey began almost twenty years ago as a mental health counselor.  To be honest I NEVER foresaw myself becoming a professional medium!  I always knew I had a unique ability to know things, but I just put it down to having great intuition.  It wasn’t until 2014 when I dictated a channeled message from Spirit telling me I was going to start doing this work full time that I realized at a very deep level THIS was my true calling, and what I had been preparing for my whole life.  I listened to my heart and I followed what it said. The rest, as they say, is history.


Before you got your dream job, what was the best job you had?

Hands down I would have to say my work as a Fitness Coach. I still coach to this day when I am not giving readings.  Fitness is a huge passion of mine and I love anything fitness related from yoga to weight training to Mixed Martial Arts!  My idea of a good time on a Friday night is hanging out at the gym with a bunch of sweaty folks I don’t know!  Plus I know how important it is for our souls to take care of the beautiful bodies we have been given.  A healthy life is so essential to becoming the people we most want to be.  There is also something really rewarding and exciting witnessing someone transforming their health and fitness.  I never got tired of seeing my clients achieve the body, health and happiness they desired.


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?  

Ah, that’s an easy one.  I would be a professional singer.  Wait, would I have to be good at it though?  In all seriousness, while I do love to sing (albeit not well) and love anything music related, if I was not doing the work I am now I would probably be a Veterinarian.  As a child my dream initially was to become a Vet.  I adore animals on a level I can’t explain.  They are truly a gift from God.  Animals are so giving by nature.  They ooze unconditional love and give to people what nothing else can.  I would love to be able to take care of animals in their times of need.  But that’s not my destiny so I have settled with taking care of my two amazing cats that live like Princesses I might add!


What accomplishments/achievements are you most proud of?

I am proud of a lot of things I’ve achieved and accomplished over the years; my books, education, reputation, and my role in other people’s transformations and healings.  But my greatest achievement (and I want to cry writing this) is my son…  Being a mother is hands down the hardest but best job on the planet.  I have always strived to be the best mom I can for my amazing kid.  While I know I’m not perfect, I do look at my son every day and think, ‘wow, how awesome is this child?!!’  To think I played a role in bringing him into the world makes me feel prouder than punch!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to find their dream job but hasn’t yet.

Have faith.  Be patient.  Work hard.  Be kind.  Visualize.  Meditate.  Pray for guidance and don’t quit when times get tough.  Take strategic action and plan your time effectively – balance is essential.  Get assistance from others when you need it and express gratitude on a daily basis.   Never compare your journey with another and lovingly ignore the naysayers, doubters and fear mongers.  These often well-meaning folks are unknowingly projecting their fears on to you when they aren’t living your life; you are.  Lastly, when you get to where you are going, (yes you will get there I promise) remember to turn back around and help those coming up behind you.  Achieving our dreams is indeed an amazing feeling.  But helping someone else achieve their dreams??..  Well, now that’s just the best feeling ever!

For more information, please visit: www.spiritualmediummichelle.com


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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