Dream Job Diary: DR NEKESSA REMY from the Chiropractic Office

Welcome to Dream Job Diary!  This week we are featuring health and wellness expert Dr. Nekessa Remy!

Dr. Nekessa Remy is an award-winning chiropractor, a registered and medical acupuncturist. She’s made a name for herself as one of the foremost voices in the health and wellness industry here in Canada. She is the current owner of Mississauga’s The Chiropractic Office, a comprehensive injury management clinic focused on sports-related injuries and woman’s health issues.  She also runs a practice in downtown Toronto, at Integra Health Centre where she works alongside other leaders in the healthcare field.  With the mindset that “healthy living is a right, not a privilege” Dr. Remy continues to inspire people everywhere to live their best lives and become their own health advocates.

We sat down with Dr. Remy about how she got into her field and what advice she has for other health and wellness job seekers out there.

 How did you get into your current line of work? 

I think I owe my career to Ben Johnson, the infamous Canadian Olympic Sprinter. As a kid I ran track and field and at the time Ben Johnson was on the top of his game. I guess I was a bit obsessed with him. What intrigued me the most was how every single muscle in his body worked perfectly to get him down the track faster than any other human. How was it possible to get all those muscles functioning in the exact right sequence? I needed to know! From that point on I knew I wanted to study the body. I spent my high school and university years learning as much as I could about human performance and sports therapy and eventual fell into chiropractic. Now every day I get to help not only athletes, but regular people move better, train harder and achieve their optimal health.


Did you go to school/get training for your dream job?

Heck yes!! 8 years 4 months and 7days and counting. Between university, chiropractic school and acupuncture certification I have spent almost 1/3 of my life prepping me for my dream job. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. In my line of work, the training never ends. There are always new techniques and procedures being created and then researched for their effectiveness. As a therapist, I want to ensure I am always providing my patients with the most up to date, and successful forms of treatment. This means a life of continuous learning for me.


What was your first job ever? 

My first paying job was delivering flyers in my neighbourhood.  It was great until the day it rained. So, I suppose my first real job was working at McDonalds. The training system at McDonalds was extremely structured and it was my first experience working within a large corporation.  Their commitment to employee development and their focus on customer service are attributes that continue to influence me in business.


Before you got/created your dream job, what was the best job you had? 

I absolutely loved teaching kids how to swim. I still remember my very first class back in 1996 and the first kid who held on to me for dear life. His name was Spencer and he was 4 years. He clung to me for dear life for 25 minutes straight but by the end of 8 weeks, he was blowing bubbles and floating on his own. Helping kids overcome their fears while teaching them lifesaving skills gave me such as sense of accomplishment. I am fortunate that in my current career, I still get to experience that feeling as I help my patients achieve their health goals.


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? 

I would like to say professional model but most likely I would be a journalist. I am a curious person by nature and love the idea of researching a story and finding angles on how to connect one person’s story to a larger audience.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly