Don’t Miss It: State of Women at the Lower Ossington Theatre

Theatre lovers unite!

Tandum Entertainment’s original show, State of Women is set to hit the stage for three days at The Lower Ossington Theatre (Toronto) from July 16th-18th 2015.

State of Women is the story of Eve Landing, an Oregon native thrust into the chaos of WWII building warplanes for the army in San Francisco with a group of headstrong women. When a photograph of her makes its way to a struggling magazine, she soon becomes the face of the modern woman, working together with an ambitious photojournalist that will catapult her to super stardom and inspire millions of women worldwide to continue working.

But as her story unfolds and men are returning from war to reclaim the lives and jobs they once had, Eve finds herself faced with incredible decisions and challenges that will have lasting effects.

Tatum Lee directs an original play written by Andy Lyberopoulos (The Blood Mile) with Alyssa Owsiany as Eve Landing.

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Sarah Warne

Sarah Warne

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