Don’t let them disappear: Help save the African Elephant with Amarula

As an animal lover, I love to see when a brand or company takes animal welfare to heart.  One such company is Amarula, and they have an incredible new campaign coming out to save one particular group of animals in the place they call home.

Amarula, the delectable South African cream liqueur, holds the African Elephant near and dear to its heart.  From gracing their iconic labels to inspiring the work they do, the Amarula elephant love is evident.  Now, the African Elephant is in danger of extinction, and Amarula is working tirelessly to save her.

Founded in 1983 and sold in over 100 countries around the world, to Amarula, the African Elephant is more than just a brand symbol; the brand and the beast share a unique bond in their reliance on the Marula tree.  The tree’s fruit is the core ingredient in Amarula, and a source of food for elephants.  Prized for their ivory, a hot commodity in certain markets, the African Elephant is being hunted mercilessly leading to a rapid decline in their population.  Amarula will be launching an awareness and fundraising campaign in their efforts to save these majestic creatures.  The campaign, called “Don’t let them disappear”, is in partnership with the world-renowned WildlifeDirect  Conservation Group. The campaign will launch in various countries around the world, including South Africa, Brazil, Germany, the U.S. and Canada.

Founded in 2004, WildlifeDirect is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal conservation.  Its best-known campaign, “Hands Off Our Elephants”,  led by CEO Dr. Paula Kahumbu and the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta launched in 2012 and brought global attention to the elephant poaching crisis in Africa. WildlifeDirect began working with Amarula back in 2016 to save the African Elephant.  According to Dr. Kahumu, who is one of the world’s foremost African Elephant experts, “What many people don’t realize is that the future of the African elephant is at a tipping point and even though this is taking place in Africa, it is very much a global issue. We need help in spreading the word about the plight of our elephants and making sure that they don’t disappear.”  And Amarula is doing its part to ensure that doesn’t happen.

On August 12th, World Elephant Day, Amarula will be making a powerful statement about elephant conservation right here in Toronto.  A stunning life-sized elephant ice sculpture, weighing more than 9000 kilograms, will be on display in Toronto’s Distillery district starting at 9 am, where it will remain until it has melted away.  If you’ve ever lived through an August in Toronto, then you know that that ice elephant won’t be long for this world.  It’s that powerful visual image of that majestic creature melting away that will drive the point home; the African elephant is disappearing just as quickly as this glistening sculpture.

Fellow animal lovers, you can help raise awareness today by joining Amarula’s social media campaign.  Tweet to @AmarulaElephant using, #AmarulaTrust, no matter where you are.  And on World Elephant Day, Amarula Canada will be donating $1 for the first 10,000 tweets to the Amarula Trust and its global conservation efforts.

If you are here in Toronto, join us on August 12th for World Elephant Day in Toronto’s Distillery district to witness the poignant beauty of the disappearing elephant sculpture, and to help make a difference in saving the beautiful African Elephant.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly