Do you know about FoodShare?

Do you know about FoodShare? If you do then please continue with your day. If not, well then keep on reading!

FoodShare is an amazing community program I’ve had my eye on for a while and now. I’ve taken some time to check them out, joined them for an event and seen first hand a glimpse into what they are doing, and today I want to share their great work with you.

Their mission is to increase access to, knowledge of and consumption of vegetables and fruit through community-led projects. All of FoodShare’s work is guided by strong beliefs that reflect their commitment to food security and food justice. As a leader in food security locally and globally, they collaborate with others who share their beliefs to realize their vision of good healthy food for all.

The programs offered by FoodShare are vast and very informative. They include; The good food box community program, student nutrition, educator training, fresh produce programs, composting, kids and baby nutrition, and Recipe for Change to name a few.

Beyond that, and what I’ve seen first hand, is that they look to continually unite the community and bring different people together to teach one another based on their own individual experiences and what better way to do that than through food?

Some of their key values and beliefs are:

  • Everyone has the right to good healthy food. All people should have access to affordable, healthy food that is fresh, attractive, nutritious, safe and free of contaminants.
  • Diversity is fundamental to our food system. Cultural, racial, linguistic, economic, religious, and social diversity within communities should be respected and reflected throughout the system.
  • Communities have the capacity to lead. By respecting the inherent strengths of communities and partnering with communities, we can realize the changes we seek.
  • Food has the power to mobilize people. Because of its material, cultural and social importance, food has the power to catalyze collective action and personal change.

And we would have to agree.

We’ve had the pleasure to join FoodShare at events in the past and not only learned about a wonderful cross-section of people, but we’ve also been able to experience some amazing food offered up from an as diverse selection of cultures.


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Here’s what we have learned over the years of doing this; we all love food, and using food is the best way to really bring people together and open up the lines of communication and learning. It not only strengthens us, it also fills our bellies at the same time and since their are still many children and adults that need some help with the latter, we should all try our best to make that happen.

You can make a donation if you’d like, or if you’re looking for more information please visit their website today.



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