Dizzy Live at the Mod Club

Following their win at the JUNOS for Alternative Album of the Year and Breakthrough Group of the Year, Dizzy took the stage at the Mod Club in Toronto.

Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club opened the sold-out show with a heartwarming acoustic set. Monks played a stripped back show, with simple chords strummed under clever lyrics to start the night off on a good note.

The excitement started to build as the lights dimmed and Dizzy’s LED sign lit up the stage. The band hit the stage to perform a bunch of “sad songs,” as lead singer Katie Munshaw described their music, and opened with their well-known single Swim. As the night went on, the band played favourites from their début album Baby Teeth with everyone in the crowd singing along.

Stars and Moons, a laid-back, ethereal number followed. Munshaw swayed about the stage, losing herself in the music as her voice carried through the venue.

Pretty Thing, another single from Baby Teeth, drew upon the nostalgia of suburban adolescence. Before launching into the song, Munshaw looked towards the crowd and thanked their fans for being there to support them. Humble as ever, she talked about their roots coming up as kids from the suburbs, writing music to combat the boredom. She asked, “How many of you here are in high school right now?” A roar of cheers erupted from the all-ages crowd as she continued, “Well this song is about that!” Pretty Thing filled the venue with gentle sounds and stories of heartache, late night drives, and the optimism of youth.

Munshaw shared that Toronto was a special place for Dizzy, as the first city that ever really gave the band a chance. “It only feels right that we share this with you,” she said before premiering their new single Twist. Featuring the soft melodies and dreamy riffs we’re used to hearing from Dizzy, the song carried a hopeful tone which was a welcomed, pleasant change.

Keeping up the community vibe that was established early on in the night, Munshaw continued to interact with the crowd, “This next song is about a guy who broke my heart…his name was Josh. If any of you have a Joshua in your life, put your middle fingers up and we’ll do this together.” With her fingers raised in the air, the band started to play Joshua, a number about the pain you feel and the clarity you gain after heartbreak.

Dizzy’s mix of electronic beats, angst-tinged lyrics, and indie rock structure created a live show that could get you dancing, crying, and singing along all at once. The band closed the show with Pirouette, leaving the crowd with full hearts and misty eyes.

Dizzy Setlist 


Stars and Moons


In Time

Ghost Limbs

Pretty Thing








Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

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Cassandra Popescu