Disney Making Big Moves to Dominate Online Entertainment

It’s no secret that Disney is just about the biggest name in Western entertainment. From their classic animated movies, Disney now has control over Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, ESPN, and should soon own the film and television assets of 21st Century Fox. The entertainment behemoth dominates the cinematic schedule and is now looking to enhance its dominance online.

Disney looks to make itself a major player in the online streaming scene by offering content from all of its biggest franchises. They have also been making waves in other areas of online and offline entertainment which are set to dominate sales upon release.


Disney finally appealing to their gaming audience


When Disney took over Marvel Entertainment, there was a lot of excitement among fans of the movies and comics that more money would be pumped into the franchises. While that is true to the cinematic side, the gaming side of Marvel has certainly taken a back seat.

Marvel has long been a major name in entertainment, and even dominated platforms of online entertainment like online casino sites with its extremely popular progressive jackpot suite. But, when Disney came in, they stripped Playtech of the Marvel license. Playtech did re-skin the progressive jackpot games to make the even-more-popular Age of the Gods range, but it did leave die-hard Marvel fans without an online game.

Since Disney came in, the most gaming that players have received is freemium mobile games for Marvel and Star Wars fans, and wildly disappointing Star Wars video games in the form of EA’s heavily criticised Battlefront games.

Luckily, Disney may soon be providing a game that Marvel fans can finally enjoy to the fullest with Square Enix’s Avengers Project. Development of the game began in August of this year at Crystal Dynamics’ new studio. The game will have a new story and universe that players can enjoy for many years. It’ll be filled with different characters and places, while some rumours say that gamers will be able to play as many different superheroes as well as in online multiplayer modes.

They also have Disney LOL, which features many small and simple online games aimed and younger audiences.


Disney muscling in on the online streaming world


Disney has announced that the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe addition, the enjoyable comedic trip of Ant-Man and the Wasp, will be the final Marvel movie to make it onto the popular online streaming service Netflix. This is because the entertainment giant has begun to turn its attention to its own upcoming streaming service.

Few details have been released as to the name and price of Disney’s streaming platform, but it’s set to be stacked with content from all of their major franchises, including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Marvel’s next movie, Captain Marvel, won’t be available to stream anywhere but Disney’s new service, which is set for launch in late 2019.

Netflix will be keeping their Marvel series, such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil, as the Disney platform will not host anything that’s R-rated.

Disney appears to be pulling out all of the stops, with their big three franchises still working on exclusive content for the platform. One such series is Jon Favreau’s $10 million per episode live-action Star Wars series. Taking place after the events on Endor in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the highly-anticipated ten-episode series is set to put the platform on the map immediately. It will be joined by hundreds of Disney-made series and movies as well as brand new creations.


Having neglected the gaming and online gaming and streaming scene for so long, Disney appears to have finally commissioned a service worthy of its massive franchises and, with the big names that it boasts, it’s sure to dominate the online streaming scene with its new service.



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