Discussing the weirdness of Heteronormativity with Jessa crispin+Podcast!

Heterosexuality can be really weird, especially when you have to prove it to the government. Heterosexuality is baked so deeply into our legal, social and government infrastructure that it impacts almost every facet of our lives.

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This week, Kaley and Sarah are joined by author, critic and podcast host Jessa Crispin to talk about the ways in which heteronormativity has impacted her life. Crispin never intended to get married. But a green card marriage was the only solution to keeping her German long time partner in the United States. Proving the validity of your intimate relationship to the government is awkward business, and even more awkward if you’ve been ideologically and vocally against marriage for a long time.
Listen to this episode for a deep, critical take at heterosexuality as one of the most taken for granted constructs of all time.
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Kaley Ames

Kaley Ames

Contributor at Addicted
Kaley Ames is a feminist stylist, PR consultant and podcaster living in downtown Toronto. She traded in a career in politics to help people express their personalities through fashion, beauty and storytelling. Kaley is a co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast and holds a masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from York University. She can often be seen at the movie theatre watching the latest blockbuster hit or watering her many houseplants.
Kaley Ames
Kaley Ames