Dinner with Nando’s

Queen West in Toronto has some great spots to hang out with friends, grab some delicious food, and enjoy a cold drink in a comfortable and fun atmosphere, Nando’s is one of those and then some.

Know for its amazing peri peri chicken, Nando’s has not only become a staple and go-to in my life, it’s now become a meeting spot, a place to pick up dinner and even a place to celebrate, just like we did for our ADDICTED holiday dinner.

Each year we get our amazing team together and say thank you with a great night of food, drink, and celebrations and what better place to do it, than right in our hood, at Nando’s on Queen West.

When you walk in and here the catchy music, see a smile from one of the always super friendly staff, it doesn’t take long to feel like your part of their family, and the one thing you need to know, this family loves to eat.

Speaking as someone who has personally tried 3/4 of the menu over about 10 visits, I’ve had great experiences and delicious food each and every time.

The Menu:

Chicken: On the bone, off the bone, saucy, hot, crazy hot, the chicken comes really any which way you like it, and if you’re not about the hot, they have other options as well.

PERi-PERi sauce: This is the hot sauce that makes Nando’s, Nando’s. This sauce, on the Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken, is delicious, whatever your spice level (I like it medium). Made from the Sourthern African Bird’s Eye Chili, PERi-PERi is infused with the Sun, Soil and Spirit of the Southern African people who harvest it. Fun fact: It’s the only chili that grows up, towards the sun. (#ThisIsPERi-PERi)

Sandwiches and wraps: They are all great, light, while still being filling, my personal fave is the Whole Wheat Peri Peri Chicken Wrap.

Super sides: I don’t usually care much about the sides, but the Mucho Peas, The Garlic Mashed Potatoes, the Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob are all worth mentioning as they are seriously addictive.

Vegan Options (that are actually really good): I’ve now visited Nando’s with meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans, and everyone, picky or not have thoroughly enjoyed their meal, and that’s saying a lot.

From Portabello mushroom and halloumi to the veggie burger, and the classic veggie wrap, there is way more than just amazing chicken coming off the grill at Nando’s.



So why has Nando’s become one of our fave spots to eat?

Well, the amazing food number one. Knowing that you’ll always eat great food time and time again makes you want to come back, over and over. The friendly service that is attentive yet laid back, and the fun yet relaxed atmosphere is always very chill and makes it super easy to come in for a snack or a meal and unwind during a mini lunch or after a long day of work.


From their great sauce that you can take with, desserts that surprise and sizzle, veggie and vegan options, your choice of heat profile, it clear that Nando’s really has covered all the bases when it comes to giving you exactly what you want.

Great food, at a great price, in a super atmosphere, oh and all the chicken your heart desires.


Hope to see you there soon, and if you’re visiting Nando’s, make sure to share your night using the hashtag #ThisIsPERi-PERi.

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