The perfect dinner at Brassaii

The perfect dinner usually includes; a great location, superior service, great company and of course, truly wonderful food.

So recently when we were out and about during TIFF, we had to stop by Brassaii while they were hosting the Hollywood Reporter Lounge and check out the vibe, and also their amazing offering of cleverly crafted cocktails, and their approachable but refined menu.

From the moment we sat down and ordered our first drinks (a dirty martini and an Old Fashioned) we knew the evening was going to be decadent, indulgent and exactly what we wanted.  You have to treat yourself sometimes.

From those first drinks carefully created by mixologist Orlando Carreira, and made truly to perfection right through the entire dinner created and so eloquently explained by executive chef Marcus Monteiro who really has made something very special with the menu at Brassaii.

The Cocktails

Dirty Martini and an Old Fashioned, both made perfectly just the way we ordered, just the way you should expect a real, classic cocktail to be made.

The drink is what sets the stage for a dinner such as this, so if you start off on the right foot, everything else is usually sure to follow.


The First Course

When starting off dinner, it’s always nice to ease your way in, and starting off with something so delicious as beef tartare or the delicious assortment that is a well-made charcuterie is, the perfect way, to start off, and when they are well executed and as delicious as the away at Brassaii that are made in house, well, even better.

Charcuterie Board
This includes a selection of amazing in-house created cured meats and cheeses, fruit chutney and pickled vegetables.
Beef Tartare
The perfect tenderloin, atop that, egg three ways, truffle, pickled honey mushrooms, aged cheddar, and capers.

The Main

When it comes to choosing a main course it can be tough, fortunately for me, I never cook red meat at home, so when I’m out for a dinner at a great restaurant I usually do for that, so at no surprise, I ordered the tenderloin, and I’m still glad i did.

The cut was perfect, the cook was spot on, the dish was complex and offered different taste profiles with every bite. It was as close as you can come to perfection, on a plate.

An 8oz grilled beef tenderloin, butternut squash puree, red beet puree, potato puree, crispy brussel sprout leaves, and veal jus.




After a big meal, we pretend we don’t want it, but let’s be real, we always do, and this time around, there was no pretending.

The desserts were decadent, fresh, yet somehow felt like comfort food, each bite was truly something special.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake
A dark chocolate cake, with Chambord ganache, beetroot-raspberry ice cream, crunchy caramel white chocolate base, and a cream cheese sauce.
…. we would also suggest: Donuts and Milkshake
Donuts and Milkshake
A vanilla doughnut with rhubarb jelly, coconut, and lime panna cotta, and strawberry ice cream shake.


The Conclusion:

We are putting our stamp on Brassaii, we’re Addicted. If you are looking for a truly great dinner, amazing service, well made cocktails and to enjoy all of that in a quite spectacular space, you should make time for Brassaii.



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