Digital Revenues for Online Bingo Mean Big Money

Bingo is seeing a surprising resurgence in popularity with many more people than just your grandmother racking up the prizes at the local bingo hall this week. What began as ironic retro entertainment for hipsters has snowballed into a full-on trend with more people flocking to bingo halls than they have in years.

Some of this can be attributed to the application of the easy-to-learn game to all manner of events; it’s an easy way to keep a group engaged and entertained. It’s simple and convenient too; you don’t even have to print off a card anymore, as many of these custom bingo games even have their own online apps. This increasing prevalence of online bingo platforms has helped to take the popular past-time from the bingo halls to the living room.

The convenience of online gaming is one of the biggest reasons for fans to flock back to bingo. However, more than anything else it seems as though most people forgot just how fun and easy bingo can be. This post on Canadian bingo news points out that the ability to choose your own pace to the game is a major seller for online services. Typically, bingo halls move rather slowly but online a player can cycle through as many cards as they want without having to wait for a slow number-caller with arthritic fingers to read off the next entry.

While you might expect that the main market for bingo would be gamer grandparents, the biggest demographic for online bingo is actually women ranging from ages 20 to 35, though there’s definitely a little something for everyone. With the addition of in-game chat, online bingo is starting to incorporate social media elements and it probably won’t be long before you’re playing something akin to Pinterest bingo on your iPhone.

According to one news outlet, revenues for bingo services through computers and mobile devices have risen 21 percent for the year. Online bingo has become big business and allows for fans to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes or get in a few quick games on the bus or in line at the store.

Earlier this year, English investment trust Caldeonia Investments bought all of the Gala Bingo physical bingo halls from the Coral group in a sale that has been reported at nearly a quarter billion GBP. The sale notably does not include the site’s online platform, which has been doing quite well on its own with its own brand of specially tailored games and rooms based on exotic locations and popular television series. This comes hot on the heels of a major merger between Gala Coral and betting service Ladbrokes, which is worth £2.3 billion and will create the largest bookmaker in Great Britain.

As the popularity and amount of money involved continue to grow, we don’t see any signs of the bingo trend slowing down. What’s old is new again and whether you’re hanging with friends at the bingo hall or chatting them up in an online room, there’s something comforting about the fact that bingo will still be around.



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