Didirri at Drake Underground

On stage at Toronto’s Drake Underground, Australian singer-songwriter Didirri stood with an acoustic guitar in hand. He bared his musical soul as the crowd looked onward transfixed, murmuring comparisons to the likes of countless before him.

In truth, there was a sincerity to Didirri’s music that’s endearing. Equally compelling is his songwriting capabilities, which were immediately thoughtful, engaging and clearly borderline cathartic for the writer.

In fact, throughout the evening, Didirri would commence each song with a story relating to its genesis. Soon it became clear that the narrative drive from many of them stemmed from an ex-girlfriend. The significance of it all remains uncertain, however each song that followed decidedly took a more introspective and emotional turn.

As he strummed his guitar and began to sing tracks from his new album Measurements, it was one of those moments where you turn to the person adjacent to you and nod your head in approval. His able, mellow voice filled the small venueoccasionally slipping, yet never losing its way.

A natural and soulful talent, Didirri (his real name) spoke with an earnest Australian drawl – the type of personality that would give you the shirt off his back or the unfiltered honesty of what on this mind.

Concluding the show, the 23-year-old played Jude, Formaldehyde and Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head, allowing the crowd to chant along to every word. The voices echoed throughout the room, capturing one final moment of magic in hushed unison.


Myles Herod

Myles Herod

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Myles Herod