Our Dewar’s Holiday Tradition

Ever since our early twenties, my brother and I have loved Scotch. Over the years we have enjoyed many glasses, from many different selections. One, in particular, we enjoyed so much, we’ve made a yearly tradition out of it.

Since his birthday is December 5th, mine is the 20th and they are both close to Christmas, in early December we always get together for a drink and have a brotherly catch-up.

Over the year we have now had a tradition of catching up over a bottle of Dewar’s 12 Year, and it really comes as no surprise as to why.



Dewar’s 12 is a great everyday scotch that complements a number of different cocktail ingredients. With more than 500 medals in international competitions, it makes the perfect gift for hosts and toasts, and is also great, on the rocks, or neat.

Smooth, sweet, and easy on the palate, Dewar’s 12 isn’t just for the Scotch lover extraordinaire, it’s also made for those interested in trying some for the very first time.

It’s perfect to just pour a couple glasses and sip away as the stories unfold and the time passes, Dewar’s really is the perfect compliment to the holidays, and not only can you just sip away on it, it also makes for some great cocktails.

See below for a few cocktail recipes you can serve to impress at home, each featuring Dewar’s 12.


Dewars Holiday Cocktails


Warm winter whisky cocktail (similar to a whisky hot toddy)



Dewar’s 12 warmed in a tea kettle with chamomile tea

Honey syrup and lemon juice

Served in a mug or warm cocktail glass

Lemon peel Garnish



Apres ski cocktail



Dewar’s 12

Martini Bianco

Sparkling Apple Cider (abv 5%)

Served over ice in a wine glass

Garnished with apple slices and vanilla pod (Optional)



Highland Holiday Collins



Dewar’s 12


Lemon juice

Fever tree ginger beer

Served over ice in a Collins glass

Lemon wheel garnish


Ready to invite some company over and make some cocktails? We thought so, and now, you have the perfect cocktails to great your guests with when they arrive for what will surely be a wonderful night.

Cheers, to you and yours.


This is sponsored post in collaboration with Dewars/ Bacardi and ADDICTED Media Inc. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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