Desirable Home Features That Will Instantly Impress Your Guests

Owning a property is more than about having somewhere to live. It is also a private venue to entertain guests. You want to wine and dine them, showing off your hospitality. While you can have a good time anywhere, it helps if your surroundings are up to the task.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the home features that will impress your guests. Check them out below. 

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An Indoor-Outdoor Space

A vast number of people love the idea of entertaining alfresco. But standing around on a patio isn’t exactly ideal. What you really need is a genuine indoor-outdoor space: somewhere that affords you all your usual interior comforts, but in the open air.

Think sun shades, recliners for outdoors, and large sliding doors, that allow people to move seamlessly from the interior to the exterior environment.

Here’s a pro tip: keep the flooring consistent and the same height between your indoor and outdoor space. 


Open Floor Plan

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Despite having been trendy for more than a decade, open floor plans still aren’t mainstream. For that reason, they always create the wow factor when anyone visits your property.

If you don’t have an open floor plan already, you’ll need to find an architect. They’ll run through your ideas and tell you whether they’re feasible. Sometimes you’re lucky, and you don’t have to deal with any supporting walls. But if you live in an older home, then you may have load-bearing interior walls you need to consider. Don’t worry, though – there are always solutions. 


Spa Ensuite Bathrooms In Guest Bedrooms

Most guests expect you to provide some sort of bathing facilities, perhaps even an ensuite shower. But relatively few people will be prepared for a full-on spa bathroom, complete with wet room and standalone bathtub. 


A Guest House

If you’ve got the budget for it, you might want to invest in a guest house. Not only does it provide your guests with privacy outside the main house, but it is also a fabulous investment opportunity, allowing you to ratchet up your income through platforms like Airbnb.


A Gym Room

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There’s a reason most quality hotels offer gym facilities: guests love them. People want to get some exercise before they set off on the day’s adventures.

Private homes rarely have gyms. But if you create one, it’ll create an immediate and positive impact on your guests. People who stay at your home can get up early and take a run on a treadmill or hit the weights, just as they might if they were spending the weekend at home. 


A Sauna Room

Sauna rooms were once only prevalent in Scandinavian countries. But since people started experiencing the benefits, they’ve made their way all around the world.

Saunas aren’t just a gimmick, though. There’s evidence that heating the body to a high temperature creates a positive form of stress that aids in cell repair. Using saunas long-term, therefore, could improve your health. Installing them is relatively inexpensive too, so long as you already have a suitable space.


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