Derek Jameson Proves he is the Alpha with everything he puts his heart into

I think if you ask most people, they would say music is healing. I also think if you asked most people, they would say they are in need of some healing and searching for MORE in life. Derek Jameson is a musician, a healer, a guide, a Mind/Soul/Body Coach, and a QHHT Past Life facilitator. There are a bunch of commas in his description, but I promise you, Derek is among the rare souls who live up to it all. He is also capable because of his gifts, as well as his life experiences, to help others who are looking for MORE.

I first became acquainted with Derek Jameson as a musician who’s songs were part of movies and television shows I was familiar with. Soon after, I found him on social media and we began to interact, then we found ourselves at events together. A short time after this, Derek “came out” as a spiritual person with the mission to help others who were seeking more in the way of spirituality and connection. I interviewed Derek for my own blog a while ago, which then led me to do some sessions with him. These sessions have been so eye opening to me, given me so much clarity, and reinforced so much for me.
If you follow Derek on social media, especially Instagram, he shares the most inspiring tips and messages there. In working with him, I have learned so much about me, so much about what my true passions and potential are, and how I can focus better on attaining them. From knowing him, the biggest takeaway I have (among many) has been “To be yourself and the world will rise up to meet you” – a message which actually came to me when I was meditating after doing some of the weekly/daily work I do from our sessions. I wanted to share more of him with all of you, especially since he just released a beautiful new music video for his song, ‘Alpha‘ but also because I believe so strongly in what he does.
I am confident you will find much in these answers, if not right now, when you are ready. Enjoy the stunning video for ‘Alpha’ after you soak up some of Derek’s wisdom.
Q: For those who aren’t familiar with you yet, tell us in your own words; Who IS Derek Jameson?
Derek Jameson: Derek Jameson came into this world to help it evolve.  Ever since I began writing and composing, I knew I carried the purpose of helping people feel something.  As a tormented kid, it was very easy to hold onto this self sabotaging idea of who I was.  When I found music I realised I wasn’t defined by what other’s projections of me were.  Music helped me regain my power.  Within it I would be able to teach others how to access that same power.  As I discovered fitness, it too, became a channel of self empowerment.  I knew that if I had the idea of what I wanted, then it is already there.  It was just about materializing or manifesting it into a physical reality. The final phase of this was waking up into my multidimensionality and completing the the triad of mind, body, and spirit.  Through sacred sound frequency I could heal.  Through fitness I could empower.  Through spirit I could teach oneness in all things.
Q: You have a new collection of songs, ‘Prometheus and ‘Alpha’ (your latest) are among them. What do these songs mean to you and why was it important to give them to the world now.
Derek Jameson: Both songs (Alpha and Prometheus) were created for films.  I was given the visual and asked to create upon that.  That said, I didn’t create stories out of thin air.  These two stories are from personal experience, for everything I do is always from personal experience.
Alpha is the story of integrating the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.  It is knowing that we carry both within regardless of being biologically male or female.  It is knowing you carry all things on a sliding scale of polarity within.  Knowing that you are light and dark… not either or.  It’s accepting that you are both feminine and masculine and loving every part.  Sure there may be “werewolves” who try to tear down the authentic parts of ourselves, but what people can’t see is that our true selves contain the ‘silver’ to have power over anything which isn’t love.
Prometheus is a story about defying the norm.  It’s a story about how I wanted to share the blessings of the universe with world to help it ascend and expand.  Some entities want control. They don’t want people to have the fire that will create dreams and burn away negativity. They want the game to stay alive.  I on the other hand reach into highest dimensions to pull down that information to share it with those who are ready to use it for magic and creation.
Q: You have a video for ‘Alpha’ as well. What makes this one so special?
Derek Jameson: As previously described, ‘Alpha’ expresses the balance between masculine and feminine.  The video which was shot and directed by Tinks Lovelace, shows this battle of a strong male figure surrendering to his feminine side.  She invites him in. She shows that it can be soft, caring, loving, and nothing to be afraid of.  That there is beauty and light.  That it is okay to love all parts of you and not determine that based on what the ego tests you with.  It is honoring the ego, but asking for what one wants.  It is surrender.
Q: Tell us a little about the work you do spiritually with you life/soul coaching, the QHHT Past Life Regressions, and Spiritual readings? First, what is QHHT Past Life Regression?
Derek Jameson: When I conduct past life regressions, I take people into the deepest state of trance in the Theta brainwave state.  In this state they can access the lives which are most important for them to see at that time.  The method I use is QHHT which stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  These are long sessions, but allow the client to really dig deep and release traumas from this and other lives they have lived.  They also get answers to all the questions they’ve ever wanted to know about anything.  We could spend a lot of time on HOW people access lives, but we should save that.
As for life/soul coaching and spirit readings… I mix a lot of this together.  I do conscious channeling work, so I tune into higher guidance before meeting with a client to be an open channel to the information that is best suited for them at that time.  This isn’t about fortune telling, it’s about presence.  All answers and all healing exists within the present moment.  All anxieties and worries are simply projections of the consciousness outside of the present moment.  I teach people how to access the information that is within them and in their field so that they can always be in a place of peace within the self and trust within all experiences.
Q: What would you say to those people out there who are interested in going further with their own spiritual journey but are on the fence about taking the next steps?
Derek Jameson: No spiritual journey is the same.  It is uniquely defined by each person.  That’s what makes each person so special.  They carry a different aspect of the One.  Once people realize their divinity, they see that whatever is placed in front of them IS their spiritual journey.  It is in every breath and in every moment.  For one to realize they are already DOING IT, is the first step.  The next is to ask for what one wants and then be open to how the Universe presents it to them.  Responding to the things which one discovers is the step.  Asking the self, “Knowing this… what do I want to do with it?”
Q: How does all of this tie into your music, other than the fact that all of it is part of YOU, how is all of this interconnected?
Derek Jameson: Like I said at the beginning, my channels of Universal/Source Energy are through music (sound) and body (physical representation) etc.  These are my channels of bringing the light into our Earth and Law of Attraction brings those who tune into those frequencies.  They all work together.  I am called to do all things because they are all my channels of the angels, guides, and ancestors.  Ultimately of the Great Spirit.
Q: Do you remember putting out your first single and album? How did that feel and how has it changed over the years?
Derek Jameson: I remember putting out my first album.  I had an apple laptop and I was tracking some of the most ridiculous songs.  However, the content of the songs all carried the same vibration of healing and understanding.  As I won’t let a soul ever hear that beginning stuff ever again, it still held its purpose.  I have obviously become more seasoned and authentic by this point.
Q: I’ve been blessed to be at your shows and at the most recent one, you brought up the “business” and how, in the beginning, you were told and made to feel that you needed to keep your sexuality secret. Do you think that has changed or have you just evolved to the point as a person that it isn’t something you worry about anymore? What advice would you give to those who are in that place now and being told similar? 
Derek Jameson: When it comes to sexuality, this is such an individual soul journey as well.  If people desire more, they will reach for more.  You can’t tell anyone what to do or how to do it.  The magnificence is in the self discovery.  I wasn’t supposed to do anything other than what I did.  One has to learn how to love themselves and all the parts before they can express authenticity.  So, the only advice to give people struggling with how to present themselves as an artist, person, business professional, etc… is to ask themselves what lights up their hearts?  That’s the only direction to move.  However, if we choose the other road… it too serves an incredible purpose.  So, no choice is wrong.  It just IS.
Q: Can you describe yourself in three hashtags? 
Derek Jameson: #Bold #Electric #Clear
Q: Since this is for ‘Addicted Magazine’, can you tell us a few things you are addicted to? (Favorite foods, tv, film, actors, music, items, etc)?
Derek Jameson: Hmmmmm… I like this question… “What am I addicted to?”
I am addicted to meditation, Macaroni and Cheese, Pad Thai with Tofu, House Music, Angel and Extra-Terrestrial Communication, Feeling Beautiful, and the Magic of Pulling People Out of Dark Places.
Q: Where can we find you online? Can people book sessions with you no matter where they live? 
Derek Jameson: I am available online and people can book FaceTime or in person sessions with me there.  My instagram is @DerekJameson.  Music is available on all major retailers.  Just type in my name! Shoot me an email if interested in any of the bajillion things I do.
‘Alpha’ Music Video:

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