Dead Set on Life with Matty Matheson

A love of food, a love of travel and an addiction to making people happy; these are just some of the things that inspired Dead Set on Life, the brand new Viceland culinary travel show from the mind of Matty Matheson. 

Made a household (depending on how cool your house is) name by Vice’s food site Munchies, Matty is a boisterously warm Canadian chef from right here in Toronto. As the executive chef at Queen West’s Parts and Labour, Matty has helped happy diners indulge in some incredible high comfort foods like their famed burgers and fried chicken. But that’s not where his culinary journey began, and that’s part of what Dead Set on Life is all about. In this new series, Matty starts his journey by taking his old mentor Master Rang on a trip down his personal food related memory lane as they revisit his favorite food stops from his childhood. While that may be where the show starts, it’s definitely not where it ends. Travelling, cooking and eating his way across Canada, Matty (with Rang joining him on occasion) makes and devours $6 subs at gas stations, creates meals with some of the most sought-after ingredients on the planet, dives deep into Winnipeg’s Filipino community, hunts and dresses a moose, and visits one of Canada’s largest Aboriginal Pow Wows.

Watch (and drool) over the trailer below:

I got the chance to chat with this fun foodie about his adventures, his brand new show and his positive addictions.

And there you have it. Matty was a joy to chat with, and I can’t wait to see what else he and Dead Set on Life have in store for us!

Dead Set on Life airs TONIGHT on Viceland at 10pm EST.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly