Days of Giving: Give (or get) the gift of self-care with Rexall

There is huge value in taking time for oneself, to recharge, recover and reflect.  Unfortunately, relaxing, while inherently necessary, is often looked upon with disdain from the outside, which exacerbates guilt from the inside.  We need to let go of that disdain and guilt and embrace caring for ourselves, so we can our best selves in all aspects of our lives, especially around the busy holiday season.

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My own dedication to self-care has sorely been lacking as of late, which is why this next giveaway is so important to me.  Thanks to Rexall I get to give one lucky reader a gift that I continuously neglect to give myself: the gift of self-care.

Rexall’s history of helping Canadians take care of themselves goes back over 100 years, and over that time their commitment to that mission has evolved with the times and the people that they serve.  Rexall’s goal is to simplify health & happiness with a personal and enhanced pharmacy experience.  Rexall also prides itself on providing a curated assortment of those daily essential and healthy choice products at a better value, making health and happiness that much more accessible to all Canadians.   That mission extends to holiday shopping thanks to Rexall’s Rose & Robin line of products featuring a wide variety of holiday hosting and gifting options to meet just about every need a shopper may have.

Along with giving folks a more welcoming and value-added pharmacy and shopping experience, Rexall also gives back to the communities they serve through their Rexall Care Network.  Over 8.1 million Canadians are caregivers, meaning they provide unpaid care for someone who is older, has a chronic condition, or lives with a disability.  These caregivers give tirelessly of themselves, often with no assistance, and on top of their jobs, their families and their own daily struggles.    You can’t take care of someone else if you’re not taking care of yourself, and that’s why the Rexall Care Network exists:  to care for the caregivers.

The Rexall Care Network provides caregivers with information, community resources, and other tools to help make the caregiving process a little lighter and easier to manage.  They also work to fund organizations that create programs for children, seniors and other populations who require care, in order to give their caregivers some much needed respite.  The Rexall Care Netwrok is 100% employee led, and will continue to grow through the formation of an Employee Community Giving Committee, in order to promote volunteerism within the organization with supported charities.  And if that’s not enough, through various store initiatives Rexall is aiming to raise  the store network, teams are running donate $100,000 to donate to Ronald McDonald Charities and the United Way to support local caregivers across Canada.

Thanks to Rexall, we’re going to equip one lucky reader with a basket full of the self care tools they need to really relax this holiday season.  We’ve got a beautiful basket full of goodies from Rexall’s Rose and Robin line of products including:

  • A beautiful diffuser to fill your home with whichever essential oil scent brings you the most comfort
  • 2 LED color changing candles to calm your mind with soft light
  • Delicious chocolates to savor while sinking into relaxation
  • A set of stackable mugs so you can share a warm cup of relaxation with loved ones

If you or someone you care about can use a little nudge onto the path of self-care, then just enter to win this package and the mood it comes with below!

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*this post is a paid partnership between Rexall and ADDICTED Media Inc.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly