12 Days of Giveaways – Day 8: Endy Sleep Set

When it comes to getting a good night of sleep we often only think about our mattress, but as I recently found out, your sheets and pillows are just as integral to a good nights sleep.

I, like many people, had ok pillows and ok sheets on my bed and was getting some good sleep, but to be honest, I never really thought that switching out my bedding and pillows would make sure a big difference, but it did.

Let’s just make it official, replacing my old pillows and sheets with Endy Pillows and their latest offering, the Endy sheets, has completely changed my nights’ sleep. I want to mention that they also provide a super comfortable mattress, you can click here to see Endy mattress analysis. But for now, let’s go over their pillow and sheets.

The Pillow:


This pillow is awesome. My issue has always been that every pillow is too fluffy, and not sturdy enough, but with the Endy pillow I just removed some of the foam and I have the exact pillow that I always dreamed of and boy oh boy has it made for some restful nights of sleep.

The 3-layer Endy Pillow combines the supportive and breathable qualities of bamboo charcoal memory foam with the plush feel of down.

Adjustable Height

Unzip the pillow core to add or remove foam for a customized feel.

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

Core of high-density shredded memory foam for support and comfort.

Hypoallergenic Fill

Advanced microfiber fill has the plush, silky-soft feel of down.

100% Cotton Cover

Soft, machine washable cover maximizes breathability.

The Endy pillows also come with a 60 Night Pillow Trial and a 3 Year Warranty as well as Risk-Free Returns.


The Sheets


You know the feeling when you wash your sheets and get in for the first time and it’s just perfect, my first 7 nights were all like that. They have a super silky feel, are lightweight while still being well made and durable.

These sheets are something out of a fable and will help take you to a whole nother world of dreaming.

Amazing Feel

Made from 480 thread count, 100% sateen weave cotton, The Endy Sheets are silky smooth, luxe-but-light, super soft, and wrinkle resistant.

A Genuine Thread Count

The custom weave is designed for silky softness, luxurious feel, and breathability.

Super Snug Fit

The fitted sheet’s super strong elastic band keeps sheets in place all night long, meaning no more popping edges.


The Endy sheets come with a 60 Night Trial and Risk-Free Returns.


Don’t feel like taking my word for it? Well then, I guess I’ll have to let one lucky reader try them out!

Enter below for your chance to win a set of Endy Pillows and the new Endy Sheets (in your size) so you too can have the perfect night of sleep, night after night after night.


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  1. I’ve heard great things about Endy and we could really use a new set of sheets and pillows. (Apparently you should change your pillows every three to six months, but if you wash them two years is okay.)

  2. Marcel Watier

    Why do I want to win the pillow and sheets — because I’m in desperate need of good quality sheets and also the idea of an adjustable pillow sounds like a perfect slice of heaven.

  3. Dave S

    I would love to win because our current sheets are getting old and my pillow does not have a lot of support and I know how important a good night’s sleep is or a healthy life.. We have new sheets and pillows on our wish list this year.

  4. Alayne Langford

    I can’t tell you how many pillows I have gone through for a good night’s sleep!! I have heard great reviews about Endy Pillows and the sheets would be a much needed bonus! 🙂

  5. Sarah Smart

    My fiancé and I are buying a new bed for Christmas and this would go great with the new mattress! Thanks!

  6. Jackie M

    We are needing some new sheets – had ours for 5 years. Need some lovin’ while we are sleeping 🙂

  7. Rachel

    Sheets make ALL the difference in a good nights sleep. These look top notch. I would love to try them out for a good nights sleep

  8. Alison Braidwood

    The feeling you get from new pillows and sheets is always fab. I like that the pillow has a bamboo core/is hypo-allergenic. And the super grippy sheets sound great. Mine are a bit too mobile :0

  9. Adrienne De La Rosa

    I definitely need a good quality pillow instead of picking up the throw away $5 ones. The new sheets would make crawling into bed absolute heaven!

  10. Maritess S

    I would love to win because I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this product and would love to try it for myself.

  11. Michelle Taylor

    I would love to win this for my son! He works long hours and then spends a lot of time at the gym. His shoulders are quite broad compared to his waist, and he never can find a pillow that can keep his spine and neck properly aligned while he sleeps. A good night’s rest is what my sailor son needs!

  12. Holly D

    I’d love to win because I could really use a good pillow. Every pillow I’ve bought seems to cause neck and shoulder pain. And those sheets sound amazing!

  13. Heather Sibley

    I’d love to win because the 480 thread count, 100% sateen weave cotton Endy Sheets sound awesome.

  14. Tricia Cooper

    ‘ … Our sheets and pillows are just as integral to a good nights sleep’ — I agree with that statement! I haven’t been sleeping so well lately so I would like to win in the hopes that the Endy pillow and sheet set will send me off to sweet dreams! 🙂

  15. Elizabeth Vlug

    I am in need of new bedding. And who doesn’t like that feeling of climbing into a bed with new sheets and a soft pillow. Lovely.

  16. Elaine Douglas

    i would love to try these sheets because i’ve heard so many great things about this Canadian company!

  17. Ali

    Never can have enough sheets they keep the mattress clean and make the bed cozier for a perfect night of sleep.

  18. Jen L

    I have been experimenting with new pillows for the past 8 months and keep buying duds. I would love to try the Endy where I can adjust it to my extreme pickiness. I guess maybe there could be a pea under my mattress…… I should check 😉

  19. jan

    I definitely notice how one set of sheets we owned (I wore them out completely!) I always went back to using. They were sooooo comf. Would love to try Endy Pillow and Sheets Set to see if they could possibly replace them.

  20. Jenn

    I’d love to win because the Endy pillow and sheets sound so luxurious .. they might help with my insomnia!