David’s Tea Harvest collection offers the perfect pairing for fall

As the weather turns and the leaves change, the days become shorter and the nights become colder. Which if you’re anything like me, the change from summer to fall makes your mind wander to thoughts of delicious tea.

Whether too warm up on a cold morning, a cool refreshing drink mid-afternoon, or a relaxing cup by the fire at night, the Harvest Collection from David’s Tea offers 5 fantastic selections that can be enjoyed hot or cold right through the fall.

Inspired by “The Fall Harvest” this collection offers flavours of pear blossom, honey crisp and even “Just Beet It” a flavourful tea with beetroot, the perfect addition to your kitchen this season.

Offering a selection of fruits and berries, this collection really does have a wide array of choices to fit your life, wants, and even time of the day.

The flavours are:



When we enjoy them:


Just beet it is my fav, mainly cause it’s the “Stimulant” in the pack

Late morning/lunch:

I’ve been making Honeycrisp and adding natural honey and drinking it as ice tea for now. It’s sweet and fresh and makes me think I ate apple pie, when in fact I did not.


I don’t know what it is, but the pear blossom is the perfect night tea for me. It’s not only caffeine free but the mix of pear, apple, and rosehip just puts me in the most relaxed state.

Anytime Teas:

I’ve found that the orange and strawberry are also both caffeine free, but also both make amazing iced tea. Make the tea, ad a touch of natural honey, pour over ice, and go.


For example, if you’re making “Just beet it” you’d follow the below instructions to make a hot cup of tea or iced tea.


Making hot of cold is just a breeze!

and if you’re looking for the easiest on the go tea method, the David’s Tea press is also a total tea lovers dream.


The perfect tea’s for fall, hot or cold to suit your taste, with a variance of caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.


Can we say brilliant? Well, I guess I just did. If you’re looking to elevate your tea game this fall, I highly suggest you pay a visit to David’s Tea and try out the harvest collection for yourself.



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