My dinner with Daura Damm

Over the weekend, I was spending some time with a friend who was telling me all about how she couldn’t drink most beers, bread’s and a whole list of other items that she can’t have due to her gluten intolernace.

I have heard this a fair bit over the last year as I delve more into the world of food and drink, so I started asking around and found that a lot of celiacs and people with gluten intolerance have issues with most beers, ordering whatever they want at a restaurant, but even more than that, the common issue seemed to be that most were effected by going out to dinner with their friends and not being able to eat 3/4 of what was on offer, so what are the gluten free options?




Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just all go out and everyone at the table would be able to eat whatever they wanted? The answer is yes!

So when I was recently invited out for a dinner with Daura Dramm at Kanpai Snack Bar in Toronto, to learn all about their beer that is crafted to remove gluten and enjoy a meal that was also, you guessed it, gluten free, I jumped at the chance, and while I don’t have any gluten issues, I do have an issue with everyone not being able to enjoy an amazing dinner with friends.




The Damm Master Brewers and the gluten department of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) gave great news to the world. Together they developed the first beerr that is crafted to remove gluten. Daura maintains the flavour of real beers as it is made with the same main ingredient: barley malt, and let me tell you, Daura Dramm is pretty darn good, very approachable and a perfect pairing with Taiwanese street food like what I enjoyed, but would also be great for your backyard BBQ.



Let’s just start by saying that the food at Kanpai Snack Bar is visually creative, hearty without being heavy, and just down right delicious, and not only that, but the dishes have some of the best menu names I’ve heard to date, with a whole list of gluten free items.

From the crazy delicious “Cabbage Patch Kids” (brussel sprout salad, pork belly bacon bits, bell peppers, cilantro, mint, flaxseed and bird’s eye chili in a citrus-sesame-soy vinaigrette, topped with a kewpie drizzle) to the yummy “Mo Money” (rich green spinach puree with mixed vegetables) to probably my favourite item on the menu, the “Taiwanese Fried Chicken” (deep fried chicken smothered in Taiwanese spices with a mix of fresh toppings), it’s oh so good.

Kanpai is the perfect place to head to with friends or family, as their dishes are perfect for sharing, and you know what they say, sharing is caring, and at Kanpai, it seems that all they care about is that when you visit, you leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.


Great food, crisp beer, and a great location…and a completely gluten free evening, it’s all possible with a little help from your friends at Addicted.

Have idea’s in your area for gluten free living, tweet to us @WeRAddicted or comment below and let us know!

Photo credit: Jeffrey Chan, Courtesy of Daura Damm


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