Dash those winged liner woes with these helpful tips

I was at a party recently when a stylish gal stopped me to compliment my winged eyeliner.  It was a particularly welcome compliment, as anyone who wears a winged eye knows, no two wings are alike and some nights they are far harder to achieve than others.


In my experience, there are two parts to achieving the perfect winged eyeliner: the right process and the right product.  With both, I can only speak what has worked for after much trial, error and testing.  Lucky for all of you, I’m the sharing type.


Let’s start with the process.


When the wing became the thing, my initial efforts often hung on a hope in a prayer that I could get achieve the results I wanted with just the flick of a wrist.  People who can do that employ some sort of wizardry.  Thanks to the internet, but evolved personal process became inspired by a similar photo to this one:



Everyone’s style is going to be a bit different but the lesson here is, don’t run before you walk.  You can put together the perfect winged eyeliner step by step before you try to achieve perfection in one fell swoop of your eyeliner.


Now for the product.  When it comes to picking a product to achieve that perfect winged eyeliner, you’re going to look for pigment and precision.  Some swear by a traditional liquid eyeliner, the dip and tube type.  Others believe a pot and brush is the way to go for the ultimate line.  But for me, my holy grail liner style is the felt tip style with a thin, flexible point.  There are a few liners that fit this bill across the board in terms of brand and price point.  Here are the ones that have found their way in my personal makeup bag:


Maybelline Eyestudio Masterprecise Liquid Eyeliner

This liner is the HG of drug store felt tip eyeliners.  Maybelline’s Masterprecise liner is highly pigmented and its felt tip is fine enough to give you complete control over your wing, no matter how you choose to achieve it.  The price isn’t bad and it becomes all the better when you can snag it on sale.


Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen

This liner is my current favorite in the higher end spectrum.  The Magic Marc’er hits all the marks; it’s highly pigmented, has a precision tip, is easy to handle and provides long-lasting results.  The resulting wing is dark and luxurious and not overly challenging to apply, and stays on without smudging.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Flyliner

Rihanna figured out how to get the fly in fly liner with this sumptuously packaged product. The Fenty Beauty Flyliner pen is slim and triangular in its shape, making it pretty easy to handle.  It’s long enough to give great control for wing drawing, and is incredibly pigmented, so much so that you need to give your lids a moment to dry before blinking, lest you smudge your hard-won wing.  Once the ink has dried, it lasts all night even if you have a tendency to rub your eyes.


Kat Von D Dagger Tattoo Waterproof liquid eyeliner

The Kat Von D tattoo liners are much coveted and highly reviewed so I had to try one out for myself.  The Dagger iteration definitely wins on staying power, it’s even rub-proof, a plus in allergy season or for anyone with sensitive eyes.  I found the angled applicator a bit challenging, and on the flimsier side, making it harder to control for me.  It’s very thin and can produce a dark, pigmented line if you can get the hang of the applicator.


E.LF. Intense Ink Eyeliner

This little guy is an eyeliner I come back to again and again, because it’s a great product at a great price.  The E.L.F. line is full of little gems like this one.  The chubby, shorter packaging does make it a little more challenging to use, but the Ink eyeliner lives up to its name in terms of pigmentation.  The fine point gives enough precision to draw the point on, but is thick enough to give even a novice a fighting chance at getting that perfect flick the first time around.


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly