If You Aren’t Already Following ‘DaddyIssues’ On Instagram, You’re Doing It Wrong

Are you a girl who enjoys a few cocktails every once in a while, who enjoys an evening of fine dining and who likes to be squired about town by a modern day gentleman?

…and of course by that we mean 6 shots of whiskey before hitting the bar, grabbing a Big Mac on the way home and then waking up next to a man whose last name you aren’t entirely sure of (even their first name is touch and go). If any of the above sounds like you, you need to be following DaddyIssues on Instagram! Girls who make good life decisions need not apply.

DaddyIssues is an homage to the 21st century urban woman who occasionally smells like vodka and has to avoid entire areas of her city to prevent awkward hook-up run-ins. This woman can handle a workplace hangover like a pro, always has a condom on hand, and has mastered the fine art of the cat eye.

If any of the following speaks to your soul, you need to be following DaddyIssues on Instagram. You and I both know you don’t need any more bad decisions under your belt…

Check out some of these visual, literal and wonderful gems that the beautiful brain behind Daddyissues has bestowed upon the social media world. If your life is not immediately changed after seeing these, if you have not immediately added her on every network possible and if you have not at the very least laughed so hard that scotch came out of your nostrils, then there is something very, very wrong with you.

















Make sure you’re following this crazy bitch! DaddyIssues, we salut you.

Instagram: @daddyissues_
Twitter: @daddyissues_
Snapchat: Daddyissuess

Alex Payne

Alex Payne

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Alex Payne