Current Trends in the Online Gambling Industry

In the next five years, the online gambling industry is expected to surpass $80 billion and this is largely due to the spread of the internet and improved technology.

This is good news for everyone who enjoys visiting their favourite sites, playing games, and doing a little gambling online at PartyCasino. Where the industry is heading is certainly exciting, but it is just as exciting today.

Keep reading to uncover the current developments being made and trends in the industry.  


Virtual Reality Table Games

Virtual Reality still feels like a work in progress as it has yet to penetrate society as much as we anticipate. However, some game developers are already trying to work it into online gambling. Creating virtual reality table games has been the go-to choice for many developers who want to make online gaming a bit more like gaming at a local casino. The only issue that developers may face is a reluctance for gamblers to buy virtual reality headsets.


Cryptocurrency Acceptance

From Vegas to Macau, there are many casinos that will not accept cryptocurrency. This is usually due to local laws and a lack of crypto regulation implemented by governments. Most governments and especially those in Europe are seeking ways to regulate crypto which would mean cryptocurrency will someday soon be accepted at online casinos too.


Blockchain Games

Similar to the above, online games are already being made with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is the same technology that cryptos use but it is not the same as crypto. It is an open-source network that allows users to be tracked anonymously. Ultimately, what this means for casino games made with blockchain technology that they become safer and can verify their fairness much more easily.


Live Games

Players have already shown a preference to live games. This means they get to watch dealers’ hand them their hand from a live venue instead of playing with virtual dealers who are of course not as realistic. These demands are somewhat tied to the call for more virtual reality games and that trend has already begun.


Advanced Security

The blockchain may also have a hand in improving the security measures taken by online casinos. Yet, security protocol has already reached further to new and exciting technologies that are excellent at blocking hacks and keeping gamblers’ data safe and secure. Some online casinos have already implemented fingerprint reading systems so you know only you will be granted access to your account.


These are five of the best trends in the gambling industry right now. They are proving to make online casinos safer, more exciting and even more realistic than ever before!


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