Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Over the last few years the popularity of Rye has grown exponentially and it seems as thought the masses are flocking to this drink that was overlooked many a time, and what a change it’s been.

Rye or Rye whiskey can refer to either of two types of whiskey: American rye whiskey, which must be distilled from at least 51 percent rye or Canadian whisky, which is often referred to rye whisky for historical reasons

With the release of Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye people have literally been leaving the LCBO shelves empty due to the insane popularity of this latest offering from Crown Royal.

Here are the details on the liquor that garnered the top spot in Jim Murray‘s 2016 Whisky Bible.


45% alcohol by volume, $29.95

APPEARANCE: Perfect butterscotch

NOSE: Sugary and vanilla, butterscotch, coconut and pepper notes.

PALATE: Sugar meets spice: brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla, rye bread, pepper and cinnamon.

So if you can get your hands of a bottle of this uber popular and truly special drink then do it, and when you do, let me know @TheMaleAddict TY!



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