Could You Trade Currency?

The thought of making a foray into the world of stocks and shares, Forex or cryptocurrency might sound terrifying. Most people assume that this realm belongs to the professionals who are used to investing other people’s money. However, any amateur investor with some money to burn can have a go. Many people are choosing to forego their Friday nights at the pub in favour of an evening in front of two or three monitors selling yen and buying American dollars. If you have money languishing in your bank account accruing little interest, you might be keen to have a go at being proactive with a more lucrative investment. Take a look and see if you could trade in currency.



Forex trading is perfect for the amateur investor. While a medium risk investment, you should take advantage of the ability to practice with a phoney account before you embark on your real-life investment journey. Sign up with a Forex dummy trading account and get a feel for the trends and markets. You might find that you begin by guessing. Why not have a go at selling krona against the peso? However, as you hone your skills without risk to your own funds, you’ll begin to analyze the markets and spot when to buy and sell. Doing this empowers you to be more confident when you finally take the plunge and trade using your own money. Only trade what you can afford to lose and don’t get carried away.



The world of cryptocurrency is volatile and a high-risk investment. You will need to be on it if you are to make a great deal of money from your time observing the bitcoin markets. Head to a site like and you can try and spot the trends. However, generating algorithms is tough when the markets are so unpredictable. You’ll need the time to check the markets hourly, and be willing to sell at the most ungodly of hours. You will need nerves of steel, and you’ll have to keep your investment if you find that your bitcoin plummets. While a high risk and short term investment, you could generate a massive return on your investment.



Stocks and Shares

Fund managers spend their time checking out the markets and developing funds that take in a range of shares and stocks. They invest money on other people’s behalf for a set length of time in an effort to make a tidy return. You could take an individual approach and do this yourself with your own cash. Consider reading the financial papers and doing your research online. You might even want to echo the most successful investment managers in the world and emulate their investment choices. Stocks and shares can be high risk like the dotcom industries, or you could opt for safe bets like well established FTSE companies like those at


By being an amateur investor and having a go at trading on the markets, you will get a deeper understanding of how to make money. Follow this guide and enjoy a new financial side hustle.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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