Correct your skin this winter with The Timeless Shot Bio Masks

Winter is in full swing and for most of us, that means dry skin. On top of that, it’s been a windy, cold, snowy, rainy winter and that can really make for red or blotchy skin as well.

So, what do we do when our skin is under attack? We cover it, and not just with anything but with a mask that will deal with the real issue your skin needs to be addressed and that’s where The Timeless Shot Bio Masks come in.

Developed for your specific needs, each mask will address an issue you may be going through.

If you need some attention paid to your pores, there’s a mask for that, what some serious redness from the winter weather, there’s one for that, or you simply just need a good moisturiser to protect you from what’s to come, there’s one for that too.

We actually tested the whole collection of different skin types and we have to say, we found positive results right across the board, and that means that they work for a broad range of skin types to deal with issues most of us are facing with rather outstanding results.

When it came to redness we found a very noticeable reduction with an extra bonus of moisturiser to help heal the redness. The brightness face brought a fresh glow, the pore reduction really did have a tightening effect, all in all, they offered a really stand out line of masks.

So, if you’re looking for a life raft in the middle of an icy windy lake, grab onto The Timeless Shot Bio Masks and get your skin back to looking it’s best, or, maybe even a little bit better.



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