COIN’s First Canadian Show at The Opera House

COIN, consisting of Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, and Joe Memmel, played their first show outside of the United States on October 10, 2019 at The Opera House. The band showed immense gratitude and simply thanked the fans for showing up, saying it means the world to them. The energy was reciprocal all night, as the sea of fans bounced up and down to the band’s sweet synth, dance beats, and playful but powerful lyrics.

The entire set was extremely smooth. The lights played a big part in setting the mood, especially during Malibu 1992, where the entire room was lit with a gorgeous orange, reminiscent of a Californian sunset. Along with The Opera House’s giant rotating disco ball that hangs above the stage , this was the perfect venue for them to create an immersive experience.

The band brought the energy down mid set with an acoustic version of Time Machine, before ramping up the crowd for anthemic tracks I Don’t Wanna Dance, Crash My Car, and Talk Too Much. Frontman Chase belt out the words as he spun around the stage, engaging with everyone in the front rows.

COIN is continuing the rest of their tour with support from Arkells in the United States, and then the bill switches with Arkells headlining as they return to Ontario in November for the Rally Cry Tour.

1. Into My Arms
2. Growing Pains
3. Simple Romance
4. Boyfriend
5. Cemetery
6. Nobody’s Baby
7. I Want It All
8. Malibu 1992
9. Time Machine (Acoustic)
10. I Don’t Wanna Dance
11. Hannah
12. Heart Eyes
13. Crash My Car
14. Youuu
15. Talk Too Much
16. Fingers Crossed