Cisco CCNA Certification Exam – Advantages of Taking a Course

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an Information Technology certification from Cisco. It is designed to validate the candidate’s practical skills in the diagnosis and solving of network-specific problems. Currently, the CCNA certificate is one of the most important and respected credentials by companies in the IT market.

In addition to confirming the capabilities to configure, operate, and solve problems of switched and routed networks, this credential helps those who want to boost their professional careers. It allows them to opt for better jobs in the management of IT networks and get higher salaries.


CCNA specializations

Cisco offers three specializations for the CCNA certification:

  • Security
  • Voice technologies
  • Wireless networks

The security specialization shows that the professional knows the security protocols of Cisco and the technologies that allow to manage and create a complex network infrastructure with strict security requirements. To obtain this specialization, you must pass the basic CCNA exam and then the specific security test.

The specialization in voice technologies certifies that the candidate knows how to manage and create voice networks, using technologies, such as IP PBX, IP telephony, and Cisco Call Manager. To obtain this credential, you must first have the basic CCNA certification and then take the specific exam.

The specialization in wireless networks shows that the certificate holder is able to administer wireless technology protocols and apply them to wireless networks. For this specialization, it is required that you have previously passed the basic CCNA exam.


Advantages of taking a course to obtain the CCNA certification


Technical knowledge

Taking a course to study for the CCNA certification exam increases your understanding and knowledge of the core concepts of networking. Even if you have years of experience working with networks, you will find this course beneficial. While the experience is important, the study materials used in the CCNA course will keep you updated with the latest developments in the industry.


The possibility of accessing higher positions at work

When you obtain the CCNA certification, you will immediately have the possibility to boost your career and occupy a better-paid position with more responsibilities. A certified professional can hold positions, such as an IT Network Administrator, a Network Engineer, a Systems Engineer, an IT Manager, and even an IT Director. Commonly, the professionals who obtain the credential can get an immediate increase of 20% of their salary, and in some cases, the increase can reach 100%.



Obtaining the CCNA certification will bring you the respect of your colleagues and your employer. Undoubtedly, this credential will distinguish you from the others and will position you better in the labour market.


Where can you work if you get the Cisco CCNA Security certification?

According to market research firm IDC, IT professionals specialized in computer security will be the most demanded by American companies in the near future. Likewise, the study revealed that technology managers do not find enough specialists in this area. In short, computer security professionals will continue to earn better salaries than the other IT professionals.

Now, you know what the Cisco certification is and what are the advantages of the CCNA Security.


Let’s see some tips and tricks that will help you obtain this highly valued certification


1. Gather the appropriate study material

Uses the latest editions of the Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2 books. They are well written and easy to follow.

Among the other recommendations, there is a study guide Cisco CCNA Certification dumps 200-125 where all the subjects are explained very well. Each chapter includes laboratory practices.

Before you start reading all the books, we strongly recommend working on binary mathematics. Having them nailed, you will complete a great part of the journey and will increase your chances to obtain the CCNA certification.


2. Get practical knowledge

You will need both theoretical and practical knowledge to pass the exam, so we advise you to put all the theoretical knowledge learned into practice: try to pass the training tests, answer the questions, and make the laboratories of all the chapters.


3. Perform exam simulation

Find the program to simulate tests. This will help you to verify that you have learned all the information correctly and give you the sense of the real exam.


4. Review your knowledge before the exam

Re-read the books before the exam, it will help you update the contents and identify the forgotten things. A couple of weeks before you devote yourself to solving questions, search the internet forums and use online simulation testing platforms.


5. Train your speed for the exam

The CCNA exam consists of 50-60 questions you have to complete in 90 minutes. It can be stressful to answer so many questions in such a short time. Try not to get nervous and read all the questions very carefully. Answer with certainty, think that you are already trained for it.


6. Set a date for your exam

If your intention is to obtain the CCNA certification, we recommend setting an objective date to take the exam (for example, in the next 6 months) before putting these tips and tricks into practice. With a deadline in mind, you can intensifythe study and plan your schedule. While fulfilling your social commitments, you can spend as much time as possible studying for the exam.


7. Take a rest before the exam

Take the day off before the exam and of course the night before it. Do not dedicate this time to study – relax and take a good sleep.

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The Cisco CCNA certification represents very attractive options both educational and professional for the IT specialists. If you have experience and want to formalize your knowledge, this credential will help you achieve it.

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