Chelsea Cutler Makes a Big Return to Toronto

Just over a year after Chelsea Cutler played Toronto’s Velvet Underground, she returned to the city’s Danforth Music Hall to play a sold-out show on February 25, 2020. Backed by her successful new release, How To Be Human, Cutler played through a catalogue of old and new songs with a very polished stage production.

Through waves of EDM beats to softer piano moments, Cutler performed every song with intention. Sporting her own merch on stage, highlights included How To Be Human, Sad Tonight, and you were good to me solo on piano. As she bounced around on stage, the crowd reciprocated, creating an inclusive and high energy atmosphere. Chelsea is part of a growing amount of young artists bridging the gap between emotional songwriting and dance music. Her music can be accessed from pop, indie, and EDM worlds and rules tend to slip away. With collabs with artists like Kygo and Jeremy Zucker under her belt, she’s definitely one to watch for upcoming releases, both solo and with other musicians.

1. Are You Listening
2. Love You More
3. Cold Showers
4. How To Be Human
5. What Would It Take
6. AF1s
7. 310 Bowery
8. Prelude
9. Crazier Things
10. Strangers Again
11. I Miss You
12. Nj
13. Sad Tonight
14. I Was in Heaven
15. you were good to me
16. Deserve This
17. You Are Losing Me
18. Not Ok (Kygo cover)
19. Mess
20. The Reason

21. Lucky
22. Mr. Brightside (The Killers cover)
23. Your Shirt