Check out the latest single and video from Hideout Legacy

Toronto 3-piece modern rock band, Hideout Legacy, have just released a new single and video, Drive Me Wild.

This modern-rock band is comprised of twin brothers, Alex (drums, backup vocals) and Thomas (lead vocals, keys) Arthur as well as their best friend, Dan Morson (guitar).

Drawing their influences from bands such as Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves, and Queens of the Stone Age their sound is a little of all of them put together creating their own path.  Drive Me Wild is a follow up to the bands debut single, Game Changer which they produced great promotional content for: an alternate version of the song with a lyric video, as well as two video series: Game Changing moments and 2020 vs Live Music.

Game Changing Moments series has people sharing a moment that was a Game Changer in their lives.  The series is comprised of three separate videos that include Sally Shaar of Monowhales, Kolter Bouchard of The Edge 102.1, Julian Taylor of ELMNT 106.5, and more.

2020 vs Live Music features Alan Cross of 102.1 The Edge and Q107, Gabe Koury of Bovine Sex Club, Jake Yakobi of FreePlay Toronto, and Joel Cassady, drummer for Walk off the Earth sharing how 2020 has affected their business, the music scene, and what they feel the scene will be like when it returns.

Not only have they done all of this, this year, they just released a cover of Walk off the Earth’s latest single, Anthem which is incredibly catchy and fun!

Next up, an alternate version of Drive Me Wild, and their debut EP release, EASTVIEW on September 10.  It’s been a busy year for them and their content is looking fresh.  Make sure to check them out!  They did name themselves after my favourite bar in Toronto (RIP Hideout), so they’ve got a good start with me!

Watch the Video for Drive Me Wild

Watch their cover of Walk off the Earth’s Anthem

Find links to music, merch, and videos on their website

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