Check out Larusso’s Latest Single “Fever”

My first thoughts when listening to ‘Fever’, the latest single from Larusso is that it immediately reminded me of Head Automatica, which obviously made me instantly love it. Clearly Larusso is influenced by bands like Taking Back Sunday and Panic! At The Disco, and they manage to pay homage and use these influences without directly lifting from them. They easily fall into the re-emerging pop-punk/emo genre, all the while carving their own space within the canon.

Larusso is doing more than simply hopping on the bandwagon of forming a generic pop-punk band and piggybacking on the success of the genre’s resurgence in the scene. They’re rolling up their sleeves and flexing their musical muscles to show that not only do they belong here, but they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

These boys hail from Utah, but Larusso are no strangers to the international scene, having shared the stage with bands like Yellowcard, Transit, and Cartel, gracing the stage at Warped Tour (which is basically the pillar of success for any pop-punk band). as well as headlining and support spots for events such as the Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake Bees Concert Series, and Summer Fun Festival (ft. T-Wayne).

If you haven’t had a chance to hear what these boys can do, don’t sweat it. Check out their debut music video for “Fever” right here:
IG: @TheLarussoBand
Twitter: @LarussoUt

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