Chad Michael Collins Shows us Jerds (Jock & Nerd) are the coolest!

If you’re a gamer, you may have seen and heard of Chad Michael Collins from his work as Alex/Echo 3-1 in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games. If you’re a fan of action movies, you may have seen Chad in the Sony Pictures SNIPER film franchise. If you already follow Chad on social media, you know he is one of the nicest guys around in addition to being so talented. I am always happy to chat with him about what he’s up to, what he has coming up, and get some tips on health and fitness from him.
I interviewed Chad a while back for my own blog but with him, you can never get enough interview time in because he’s always got something interesting going on and he’s always so much fun to talk to. I could go on and on, as we all know but I do want you all to enjoy the interview. So, here it is… and maybe, just maybe, he may have given us a little inside information…..
Q: Thank you so much for doing another interview with me. For those who aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a little about Chad Michael Collins and how you got into acting? 
Chad Michael Collins: Happy to chat with you, always! A CMC primer, here goes: I moved to LA to work in entertainment public relations, and over time that led me to acting classes and being immersed in the industry via my day job. As I grew as an actor, I booked more and more roles and set myself up to pursue it full time. Happy to say that I do these days, and I couldn’t enjoy it more.
         Q: What has been your most challenging role so far? One that made you really test yourself as an actor or may be required you to learn some new skill set?
 Chad Michael Collins: That’s a good question. While each and every role and project brings unique challenges, I’d have to go with filming the sci-fi TV series “Extinct”. The budget was lower, the episodes were longer (55            minutes), we had fewer days than a normal one-hour show, and we filmed in temperatures ranging from 115f to below 0 as the show went on. Couple those factors with being the lead of the show and having very few – if any   – days off per episode, and it was a real baptism by fire in terms of growing as an actor and a human being, and being a leader on set. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.

Q: Who haven’t you worked with that you would just be over the moon to find out you’d be sharing screen time with?

        Chad Michael Collins: I’ve been a huge Brad Pitt fan forever. We all know that he’s great on-screen, so it would be really fun to share scenes with him. But more than that, I think he’s very interesting in terms of his personality and demeanour. I’d love to be able to just see how he handles himself on set, interacts with others. I think that’s a big responsibility that most actors overlook – setting a tone, being prepared and professional,  being a good human before “action” and after “cut”.

Q: Let’s Talk about Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Alex. There has been such a huge response from fans and from where I sit, it looks like so much fun. How has this all been for you? 

        Chad Michael Collins: You’re right – it’s been an absolute blast! Such an honour and a pleasure to play a lead character in one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time. It has been flattering to see the way the gamers and fans have responded so favourably to my ‘Alex/Echo 3-1’ character, and to the game in general.              They’re very kind with their messages and comments, and I’ve seen some amazing fan art and edits, ‘Alex’              cosplays, and more. Its also been an excuse to do tons of “research” on my end – gaming!

Q: What has surprised you most about the Call of Duty experience?

        Chad Michael Collins: I’ve always been familiar with the ongoing Call of Duty franchise, having owned and played several of the games over the years. But it’s hard to wrap your head around how massively popular and global this franchise is; its ubiquitous to pop culture and gaming the way STAR WARS is to movies. Even if you’ve never played a CoD game, you have an awareness of what it is, and there’s some degree of friend or family that you know of who plays it. When endless ads were running on TV, along with billboards and signage, it really started to hit me what a massive global hit the game was going to be. And as the best-selling game of 2019 and now into 2020, its been great to see that our particular game will go down perhaps as the best-selling and most popular CoD game of all time. Its been an amazing ride, and one that hopefully continues.

Q: Any new news on the Call of Duty front?

         Chad Michael Collins: Well, the big news recently (a bit of a spoiler here for those who aren’t current) is that my ‘Alex’ character was dropped into the hugely popular multiplayer component of the game. He was the character you played the most as in the single-player campaign, but he went off on a sacrificial heroic mission, and it was unclear whether or not he survived. Well…he did, and now he’s back, with a prosthetic leg. The fans have gone nuts, and so many have speculated about his demise (or not), that they’ve all been freaking out that he’s alive, and he’s back. Its been great to see the amazing response.
         Q: Once we are all allowed to return to some sort of normalcy, you will be hitting the road for some convention appearances. Where can people look forward to seeing you?
        Chad Michael Collins: Ah, normalcy – remember those days?! I had quite a few con appearances lined up which I was very excited about – Philly, Alabama, and some others. It remains to be seen when and what cons will still be up and active once things return to normal, but I hope to do as many as possible. I really love attending and mixing it up with the crowds there. Always such a wonderful experience.

Q: Speaking of the current situation with the Corona Virus pandemic, what advice can you offer people about navigating the waters we are sort of thrown into right now?

        Chad Michael Collins: I think the silver lining on all of this fear and trepidation is that a lot of people have been forced to come to a full-stop. Personally, I think there’s an opportunity for people to embrace self-reflection and creativity. Perhaps to read, study and learn a new skill or that interest they’ve been putting off for so long. I also hope that many take a look at their health and well-being and start to make positive changes for themselves in that arena since the pandemic has stirred up a lot mixed messages and misunderstanding in people when it comes to their health and safety. The information to transform your health is out there, and hopefully, people are inspired to seek it out and live better lives here forward.

Q: I know you take your health and fitness very seriously. What are some things you do daily to maintain your fitness, physical health, and mental health?

        Chad Michael Collins: Yes, I do try and stay diligent on both fronts. And I’m doubling down on some of my daily habits and practices now that I’m forced to be at home every day. I’m getting my meditation in, doing my best with some home workouts, and most definitely making sure I juice twice a day to ensure my body and the immune system is tip-top and armed to handle any potential threat.     
        Q: Can you describe yourself in three hashtags?
        Chad Michael Collins: #AttitudeisEverything
                                               #Jerd (jock + nerd)

Q: Since this is for Addicted magazine, what are some good things you are currently addicted to?

        Chad Michael Collins: There are definitely a lot of cool things I’m ‘hooked’ on. Dungeons & Dragons is being enjoyed more than ever, currently. I’m also continuing to use and learn more about essential oils through                Young Living, and their supportive properties – also my apartment smells AMAZING (bonus)! I’m a total bookworm, so I’ve been consuming everything from comic books and fantasy novels to D&D handbooks and manuals. I’ve also taken this downtime to really try and connect with even more fans and social media followers, which has been wonderful.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

        Chad Michael Collins: Well, I consider myself highly adaptable and flexible so I’d like to think I could give up anything if need be. However, it would have to be books. I have a vivid imagination and appreciate the written word, and to be able to take those words and play with them in your imagination. In terms of the latter question, I’m going to go with something a little esoteric and philosophical: validation. Attachment to the ego. Being extrinsically motivated rather than intrinsically inspired. Putting more value in the opinions of others rather than how you feel inside. I find that discovering who you are and living authentically from that place removes the need for validation. It allows you to exist in a place where it’s more important to be happy than be ‘right’. And that’s peace of mind, body and spirit.
Q: I know you have been into your essential oils. Can you tell us a little about that and where people can go to find out more if they want to join you?
        Chad Michael Collins: Yes, I’ve been using these miraculous little plant oils for years now, and I’m finding more and more ways to incorporate them into my health and wellness lifestyle. I use the Young Living brand for all of them, because they are the best quality, most sustainable, and most conscious company out there.            I’ve switched out toxic household cleaners for them, ditched my colognes for them, and even do my laundry with them. I’m always happy to spread my love for them, and people who want to learn more can always email me ( or check my site (
        Q: Where can everyone find you and keep up with you online?
        Chad Michael Collins: I’m online more than ever these days, and its the perfect time to drop me a line and say howdy!

Q: What’s up next for Chad Michael Collins? 

        Chad Michael Collins: I can’t confirm or deny at this point, but there may be another Sony Pictures SNIPER              film coming out soon. As they say in military circles, that – of course – is “need to know” and above my paygrade!
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