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Six Skin Saving products for Post TIFF Recovery

We just wrapped on two weeks of film related fun as the Toronto International Film Festival came to a close in our city.  From endless film screenings, networking events and glamorous party after glamorous party, it’s all fun and games…


That time I went back to school to learn to code

When the Addicted website (the thing you’re reading right now) goes down, it’s always been EIC and bestie Mark Munroe to the rescue, agonizing over what’s wrong, up all night struggling with the site.  That often leaves me, as the…

Looking to Find Balance? Ayurveda Yoga Might Be the Answer

For a lot of us, working out can feel like a chore. Ie. you find yourself dying on the treadmill which you loath with a passion or in a yoga class basically breaking your back trying to do challenging positions….

Spin class meets party at SPINCO

Photo credit: Arthur Mola Spin class enthusiasts are slowly taking over Toronto, and if you have yet to attend a spin class, you’ll soon be the odd one out.  There are a ton of spin studios in the city, but…