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The Moët Hennessy Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re going to celebrate this holiday season, then you had better do it right. Whether you’re looking for a good Scotch to enjoy, and amazing cognac to gift, of the perfect bubbly to pop, I’ve once again teamed up…


A Day with J.P Wisers

If you’ve paid any attention at all to my life, you know that I love Whisky, Whiskey, Rye, and Scotch. Thus I have spent part of my career learning about whiskey, the brands, and the entire industry that surrounds it….

Halloween Candy + Wine = Happiness

What are two things I and most of us seem to love. Sweets and wine. Now if you’re really creative, at this time of year you’ve found ways of turning raiding a candy bag into an adult experience. Wink. So,…

Sip Happens: Welcome to the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Room

It may be Halloween, but we still have thoughts of the grand event and the grand experience that was the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Room in Toronto. Recently our friends at Grand Marnier invited us out for a very special…