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Addicted to Plant Pure Nation

For some reason, when people think vegetarian, vegan or any form of alternative nutrition-based lifestyle, they equate it to boring, flavorless, twig eating. This really is not the case; in fact, it really is the opposite. When you open your…


Addicted to Joyous Health – the book!

If I think of the path to my self-proclaimed dirty hippiedom, it stretches pretty far back, but it probably wasn’t until my late teens and early twenties that I began to really become more conscientious of my diet — something…

Addicted Holiday Cocktail Series – Appleton Rum Sours

While the holiday season may TECHNICALLY be over, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your taste in a wonderful cocktail.  You may be feeling nostalgic for Christmas time with the family, or partying with reckless abandon for New Year’s eve….

Addicted Holiday Cocktail Series – Amarula French Toast

If you were one of the brave people who ventured out today to cash in on the Boxing Day deals, chances are you came home from your retail adventures feeling pretty tired and pretty hungry. After replenishing your strength with…