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Ready-made Cold Brew Coffee We Love

It’s safe to say that cold brew coffee is having a moment. People – ourselves included – are loving cold brew coffee right now, and while we are totally chill about this latest trend, we’ve tried some that just didn’t stand up….

Corporate Man Working

Working Long Hours? Here’s a Guide to Healthier Munchies

  Working for a big business has its monetary advantages, but more than often, these workers suffer in other ways. If you too work in a large corporation and have a double work week spanning up to 80 hours, then…

How To Pair The Perfect Dish Based On Your Décor Style

When served a wonderful dinner in an amazing space, it makes the perfect combination to pave the way for a truly special evening. So when we heard that our friends Rebecca and Eyal were collaborating with a new home inspired…

The Facts About Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone that has an enormous effect on our bodies and our mental health. Amongst other things, testosterone can regulate sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution and muscle mass, strength, fertility, fatigue and mental health such as…

The Perfect Dinner Cocktails with Grand Marnier

People ask me all the time, what are your favourite drinks? While that comes with many answers based on the day, time and my mood, I do love some well made, well-crafted cocktails. So, it comes as no surprise that…

Dream Job Diary with Stefano Faita

If you’re Canadian and don’t know who Stefano Faita is, I don’t know where you have been. That being said, let me tell you a bit about him. Stefano is what I like to call a culinary jack of all trades….