Canada Says Hello to Vype

If you’ve been in any convenience store this summer here in Ontario, you’ve noticed that Vype has taken over a big portion of what used to be space for a full wall of cigarettes.

You, like me, probably already knew what Vape is, but this trend has already become huge overseas and is now very quickly on the rise here in Canada, we thought we would delve a little bit deeper into what vaping is, what Vype offers, and what makes it different.

Before we dive in, let me just say this. I do not endorse or encourage smoking of any kind, this article is simply to share our findings to better inform ourselves and you the reader about this new product to Canada.


What are Vaping Products?

Vaping products (also known as smokeless cigarettes or e-cigarettes) are an alternative method of consuming nicotine. They contain no tobacco and don’t require lighting with a match or flame.

The modern vaping device was born in 2003, and the invention delivered nicotine without the need to burn tobacco. The device soon found favour in China when it hit the market in 2004 and it wasn’t long before it was being sold around the world.

Skip ahead to 2018 and vaping becomes legal in Canada, thus Vype enters the marketplace with a full launch across the nation.

Say hello to Vype. In the most simple terms, a vaping device is an electronic device that heats a liquid containing flavouring and nicotine amongst other ingredients. The resulting vapour is then inhaled by the vaper. Welcome to 2018 Canada.


Vype the Brand

Vype has drawn upon over 100 years of experience in satisfying adult smokers. They listened to more than 3,500 vapers and smokers and worked with top flavour experts and scientists to develop their product range.

So, we tested both devices and many flavours over a 30 day period to get a better understanding of Vype, how it works and the flavour it offers.

With two choices in a unit and many in flavour, we wanted to test and see for ourselves how high the bar was set with these two revolutionary products.


The Devices

Open Systems enable adult vapers to create a customized vaping experience because they use eLiquids. These devices offer adult vapers the chance to mix and match flavours since the user is filling up the device with an eLiquid of their choice. In an out of category example, this resembles an open system espresso machine that can be filled with any type of coffee.

Closed Systems come with unique pre-filled cartridges that are exclusively used with the device. The pre-filled cartridges offer adult vapers a convenient and simple method to interchange between flavours and nicotine levels. Going back to our coffee example, these devices resemble machines that can only be used with capsules/cups that are specifically designed for the machine.


eTank Pro (open system)

ePen 3 (closed system)


What am I actually smoking?

Each eLiquid contains propylene glycol (PG), glycerol (VG), and carefully selected food grade flavourings formulated specifically for Vype devices to offer a satisfying vapour experience. All eLiquids contain a proportion of water. eLiquids are available in 18 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, and 0 mg/ml nicotine levels.


The Pros:

Here’s the deal. From all the research we could find, which took us a few weeks, we found that smoking Vype which had a handful of ingredients, to cigarettes which in some cases have more than 100 seemed to be an obvious choice for which one is less harmful.

Vaping also comes without a huge list of known problematic ingredients, so we have a hunch this is way healthier for you than any cigarette we’ve come across.

In addition, the flavours are quite good, and with the eTank pro, you can mix and match as you please.

That being said, this is still smoking aka ingesting something into your lungs, so we aren’t saying it’s healthy, but it’s probably way less unhealthy than smoking cigarettes.


The Con’s:

These devices are known to give you a bit of dry mouth, and they do, but that really comes with all forms of smoking.

One con for the ePen is that it’s all or nothing. aka all one flavour at a time, but with the eTank pro at times we found it a bit messy to fill, all in all not too many cons.


The Conclusion

After about 30 days of testing we have to say we are quite impressed, now we know you’re going to ask which one we like best, and while we will tell you that they both have their advantages and disadvantages, the winner over at ADDICTED was the ePen 3.

With the ease of use and one click to refill, with an array of great always ready flavour, we can see why Vype is already making their mark in Canada with both of these innovative products that now offer an alternative to smoking cigarettes, and for all the non-smokers, no more gross cigarette butts. It’s a win-win for all.



This feature is for the purpose of review and is in no way an endorsement or advertisement promoting the habit or use of these products. Must be over 19 years of age to obtain and use these products. Please enjoy responsibly.  



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