Enhance Your Package With Caliber Swimwear

Canada is known for its long winters; we the north as they say. But any Canadian can tell you that the country also experiences very hot summers. The hot weather may be short lived but we all try to squeeze in as much time at the cottage or at the beach. To capitalize on our love for the sun, many Canadian brands have established themselves on the global stage for swimwear.

Toronto-based company Bather Trunk Co recently established itself as one of the go-to brands for trunk style swimwear. Their swimwear features more streamlined fits and graphic prints – perfect for the fashion forward man. But now there is a new kid on the block, CALIBER, that wants to revolutionize briefs-style swimwear. Long relegated to the beaches of South America and Europe, the ‘speedo’ is making a comeback in North America. With more men hitting the gyms hard, it comes as no surprise that they want to show it off on the beaches (and at the pool).

The brand’s creative director, Michael Moniz, has always been an avid traveler and while he was on the beaches of Brazil he noticed a lot of  men wearing swim briefs. It quickly became clear to him that their swimwear had some critical flaws that could be improved upon. While many of the cuts looked good aesthetically, none of them provided any support where it counts. Moniz went about changing this through extensive research and personally trying out prototypes.

“CALIBER’s sleek and effortless exterior definitely makes a statement. It’s been designed to enhance a man’s natural shape in the back, while it’s forward lining inconspicuously lifts so as to effortlessly exaggerate a man in all the right places.” -Creative Director, Michael Moniz.

The first model to emerge is called the signature “44 CALIBER”; a brief cut style swimwear in black onyx with an electric blue lining. Noted features include: premium 4-way stretch fabrics with elasticated leg openings and a performance waistband – allowing for greater mobility and comfort. But what sets CALIBER apart is its U-shaped contoured pouch that provides support and lift has been integrated into the lining. In other words, this swimwear will help support and enhance your package. There, we said it. This exclusive version of the “44 Caliber” will only be available through the crowd funding website indiegogo.com as part of the brand launch.

The “44 CALIBER” is part of a limited, run so get on it fast. Be one of the first to own this revolutionary men’s swimwear line.

Christian Dare
Christian Dare spent much of his formative years working in the fashion industry as a National Visual Manager before he turned his attention to writing. He currently writes for AmongMen, Complex and his own blog, Christian Dare Edited. You can find him online at www.christiandareedited.com or follow him on Twitter @christiandare but he is more fun on Instagram @christian_dare
Christian Dare