Cairo: A History of Reasons Album Review and a chance to win Jabra Headphones, a CD and passes to the show!

When I was first given a copy of Toronto band Cairo‘s EP Young Love I became completely obsessed with it. It was on repeat in the car, at the office, on my phone. That album became the soundtrack to my life. I caught the band live as often as I could, anything to satiate that craving for more Cairo. So you can bet that I’m thrilled to not only have a new album from this amazing band to feast my ears on, but to have the chance to tell all of you all about it.

Young Love was a beautiful and emotional album, cathartic while remaining sweet, but powerful and emotive at the same time. A History of Reasons retains that emotional and powerful essence that is Cairo, but matured, complex and, and more impactful, albeit in more subtle ways. While the title track draws you in immediately, the album on a whole is the kind to take a few listens to truly grasp, then embrace, then truly love. It’s little tricksy that way; rather than being an in your face addictive album, it’s more cerebral, requiring a more open yet more discerning mindset on the part of the listener, but it’s well worth that added effort.

Back to that title track though. “A history of reasons” is a secret powerhouse, shrouded in sweet harmonies and transcendant violin and guitar. The song builds with every verse, soaring with singer Nate Daniels vocals. It’s a song the band has been playing live for some time, so hearing it so beautifully arranged on this album was an incredible treat for me. The same can be said for the dark, stormy and stunning “Starry Eyes”, a song made powerful by the Matt Sullivan’s crashing symbols, Daniels and Grieves’ ethereal harmonies and Grieves’ mastery of the violin. “Extinguishing Fires” is probably my current favorite song from the album (I can’t commit to just one yet), because of it evokes a near physcal reaction. You can almost feel thesong swirl around you, the chorus rushing towards you, the verses flowing away, the sense of urgency rising again with the bridge. Ask me again next week and I’m sure I’ll have yet another favorite to share with you. “Kingdoms” is already rising quickly in my musical esteem.

The album is another representation of Cairo’s affinity for cinematic folk pop; it’s easy to picture beautiful people living beautiful lives out on the silver screen, with Cairo’s music in the background telling us how to feel, who to root for, and what it all really means after all. Where Young Love may have been higher energy and more uptempo, A History of Reasons is deeper, more intense, showing an evolution and growth that makes me, as a long time Cairo fan, extremely proud and thrilled to see how far the band has come, and how much further they can reach.

We’ll be celebrating the release of this gorgeous album with our dear friends in Cairo on February 20th at Lee’s Palace, and you can come too! And that’s not all. Along with 2 passes to the release event, we’re giving away a copy of A History of Reasons, AND a pair of Jabra “charcoal” Move Wireless headphones (valued at $109.95) so you can listen to the album the way it was meant to be heard.

Want to win? Simply tweet “I want to see @wearecairo with @weraddicted! #addictedtocairo”. Entrants must be 19 years of age or older, a resident of Canada and able to attend the event on February 20th in Toronto. Contest closes February 19th at 12pm EST. Winning tweet will be selected at random. Good luck!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly