Bubbles and Bites: A Sneak Peak of MoRoCo Chocolat

Bubbles tickled the tongue and scrumptious bites tantalized the tastebuds of our Addicted crew as they indulgently imbibed at Yorkville’s MoRoCo Chocolat.

Our fave savoury:

steak tartare moroco chocolat yorkville toronto

The best bite of all was a steak tartare made from traditional hand-cut tenderloin. Light and lovely and leaving you wanting more. For our missing-out-on-meat friends, the beet tartare was similarly excellent with a very fresh taste.

A special shout out must be made to the beef wellington wrapped in chocolate crepe. The beef was cooked perfectly pink, tender and flavourful, and while it sounded odd at first, went wonderfully wrapped in the sweet chocolate outer layer.

Our fave sweet:

moroco chocolate yorkville toronto smores

S’mores! S’mores Love is pure Caribbean chocolate lava cake with caramel sauce, graham cracker crumble, homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream and a vanilla marshmallow on top. What was fun was the DIY campfire set up! The crackers were the right amount of chewy, the marshmallows fluffy and gooey (warning: have napkins on hand…a lot of napkins), and the decadent drizzling of a thick caramel sauce was, well, the caramel on the cake. Not to mention, the accidental mixing of graham cracker on one side and gingerbread on the other was a very pleasant surprise

moroco chocolate yorkville toronto cheesecake

Special shout out to the cheesecake! The consistency was perfectly smooth and velvety and somehow managed the light yet rich balance.

Consider this article merely the amuse bouche before a more thorough epicurean investigation into offerings at MoRoCo Chocolat. Stay tuned for a more thorough and tasty review to follow.

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