Bringing Spice To Your Lockdown Life

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed our lives. Even those of us who are lucky enough to have not been affected by it directly have had to make some pretty enormous concessions on its behalf. Many of us have been laid off or furloughed by our employers. Even the luckiest of us have to grapple with the logistics of working productively from home.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is the disruption to the rhythms and hues of our daily lives. Days can blend into one another and we can feel as though all the variety and colour have been drained from our lives. If you want to bring spice to your lockdown life, consider the following…

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Get out of your PJs!

At first, the idea of living and working in your comfy, cosy pyjamas may seem like a dream come true. Over time, however, this dream can slowly turn into a nightmare. When we spend all of our time in our PJs or sweatpants and t-shirts it can make us feel slovenly, frumpy and dishevelled rather than sexy, formidable and desirable. 

Even if you have nobody to share your home with, you should still dress to impress yourself. Dress smartly for work. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and attractive. And save the pjs for bedtime.


Dating through the pandemic… opportunities and caveats

Those who live alone likely do so because they enjoy their solitude. That said, even the most solitary among us can start to feel lonely during this pandemic. Dating allows us the chance to reinvent ourselves and redefine our expectations of relationships. As such, not being able to date can be damaging to our sense of self. However, as this podcast episode demonstrates, technology affords us a great many ways to meet people and start to develop relationships under lockdown, even if you have to wait a while to meet one another in the flesh. 


Turn every day into date nights in

Of course, if you’ve already been sharing your home with your significant other for some time, you’ve been in danger of falling into a routine which can rob your daily life of dynamism long before the coronavirus outbreak.

However, little touches here and there can turn the quotidian into date nights in. Write your SO a love letter and serve it to them with breakfast in bed. Use a menu template, light some candles and turn your Saturday night Grub Hub delights into a romantic evening at the most local restaurant there is. This is a great chance for you and your SO to rediscover one another. 


And finally… Challenge yourself in the kitchen

Speaking of food, this is a great chance to add variety to your culinary life by adding some new recipes to your culinary repertoire. Most of us are rediscovering the simple pleasures of cooking from scratch more often (and our waistlines are certainly thanking us). Why not challenge yourself by learning a new recipe over the weekend? 


You might just find yourself discovering a new favourite.


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!